ACC Media Kickoff: Jonathan Dwyer

Jonathan Dwyer ended last season as the ACC Player of the Year. At the annual ACC Media Kickoff, he was voted the Preseason Player of the Year. The media had a chance to meet with Jon and discuss a wide variety of topics.

Jonathan Dwyer - Profile

I know you've gone through tons of interviews this summer in addition to the conditioning program. Are you looking forward to practice getting started next week?

"Yes, that means it's closer to the start of the season. I'm just ready to play. I think our team is really excited about what we have and the talent we have. We're just ready to showcase it."

I wonder if you could talk a little about the difference between this spring and last spring?

"It's indescribable what it's been like. There have been less turnovers. There have been more big plays from the offense and more big plays from the defense. A lot of people are doing big things and people are progressing more than last preseason."

You have a chance early in the season to go against Clemson in a nationally televised game and to go against C.J. Spiller. Are you viewing this as a chance to make a statement?

"Clemson is a great team to play against and it's always exciting. It's always a nail biter at the end of the game. It's going to be a good game. It's going to be exciting, and a lot of people are going to be there."

What do you think when you see a team trying to hype a player for the Heisman like Clemson is doing here?

"I think it's pretty cool. It's an honor to be compared to that caliber of player and to be compared to someone like Tim Tebow. If he wins it, he represents the ACC and all the running backs."

With Richard Watson, Preston Lyons and some of the others available this year, talk about the possibility of getting fewer reps and perhaps more breathers this year.

"I think Coach Johnson trusts any of the b-backs. I think Daniel Drummond is a good one too, and it depends how he does as to where he'll be on the depth chart. I think Preston and Richard are solid. Cox will be mixed with the a-backs and b-backs. Right now it's between Richard and Lucas for number two. I think I'll get more time to rest."

I guess a lot of guys are interchange between a-back and b-back?

"I'll be interchangeable plus Luke Cox, and Anthony Allen. Those are the only three."

How much of the offense success is the rarity of it and how much is it just the scheme?

"I think it's a good scheme. You saw how good it was at Navy and how good it was at Georgia Southern. I think with the talent we have now, Coach can do a lot more things. He even said himself that he's never been around so much speed. I think it's always been a good scheme but it's the talent that he has now that's made it better."

How did you feel about the offense that the new coach was bringing in last year?

"I was just anxious to see what was going to happen. A lot of people said we couldn't do it. I was just ready to prove that they were wrong and to show that we could."

Are you surprise at how versatile the offense is?

"We haven't really used everything. By the end of the season we should be throwing the ball more. With the talent we have like Bay Bay [Demaryius Thomas] and Stephen Hill and some of the other receivers we have, who knows what the offense can really do?"

Is Stephen Hill one of the freshmen that might have a chance to get on the field?

"There are numerous players. Some of the d-linemen, we're very young on the d-line. I think Stephen Hill, Rod Sweeting, Orwin Smith and a couple of other guys have a chance."

C.J. Spiller is getting the Heisman pump, but a lot of publications are rating you as the best pro prospect. How do you feel about that?

"It's an honor. We [The ACC] have a lot of guys like Ricky Sapp, Riley Skinner, and the list goes on. Derrick Morgan and Morgan Burnett are guys on my team. I think it's a good experience and I'm glad that people think that about me. I'm just trying to play and do what I can."

What did you do in the offseason? I read somewhere that you lost a few pounds.

"Most definitely, I've been working out and doing the extra things. I've been working out two times a day. I just want to be the best so I can help my team."

How much did you lose?

"Probably about ten pounds."

What were your eating habits and what were they before?

"I'm eating more healthy now. Before, it was what everybody else does... cheeseburgers, fried chicken."


"That too."


"I never ate at the Varsity. That's not healthy. I tried to stay away from there. I knew that the right nutrition would make me a better player. I'm dedicating myself to doing that and all that will help the team out." Top Stories