Two Still Lead for White

Ryan White, a standout quarterback from Lincoln High School in Tallahassee, said his top schools remain the same. There are also some future visits in the plans before summer's end. Ryan also talks about which position he prefers to play in college.

Ryan White - Profile

Georgia Tech and South Carolina are still tied at the top for White. They are followed by Ole Miss, Southern Miss, and then East Carolina. Of these schools, who is coming after him the hardest?

"I have to say South Carolina is coming at me the hardest. I get letters from every coach there every single day. Then I'd say Georgia Tech sends quite a few, Southern Miss sends a lot, but I don't get too much from East Carolina. Mainly, they're basic stuff they send to all recruits. As for Ole Miss, they had my wrong address for a while."

Ryan went on to talk about a couple of his top schools and his plans to make visits.

"I plan on going to South Carolina before the summer ends. I also am going to Southern Miss before the end of this coming week. I am going to catch a practice and see my cousin (Trey Maddox) who's playing there this year."

South Carolina is recruiting White as a slot receiver, defensive back, or he could help out in the return game. However, White did say that he prefers to play quarterback on the next level. He's only played quarterback in high school and has never played at receiver or on defense.

What has his contact been like with Georgia Tech, who is pursuing him as a quarterback for their offense?

"I talk to (Defensive Backs) Coach Charles Kelly and (Quarterbacks) Coach Brian Bohannon pretty often. That reminds me, I need to call Coach Kelly back. I've been busy with workouts and getting ready for the season. I sometimes talk to Coach Paul Johnson. The offense there is cool, although I think it needs to open up a little more. They say it will. When I was a freshman and sophomore I always said I was going to go to Tech. If they'd offer, I said I would commit right then. But when the offer did come, I decided it would be best to look around."

And that's what Ryan will continue to do, look around. It seems though, that it is clearly a two-horse race for his services between Georgia Tech and South Carolina. The visits this fall are going to be very important as he'll get a closer look at the schools and what they'll offer. Top Stories