A Decision Could Be Days Away

The recruiting process for Hillgrove High School athlete Synjyn Days is slowing down. Could this mean that Days is close to making a decision? Days talks about how schools look at his brother will play a role in his decision, names his top schools and talks about when he might make a decision.

Synjyn Days - Profile

How has your recruiting been coming along the past few weeks?

"To tell you the truth, it has really slowed down for me. I think most of the schools know that I have a top five and that I will be making a decision pretty soon. It hasn't been as hectic as it was when it first started out earlier this year."

What are your top five schools?

"My top five consists of Oklahoma State, Georgia Tech, Toledo, Indiana, and Eastern Michigan. I will be choosing a school from that list."

Have you set a time for when you want to have your decision made?

"Well, it could come as soon as next week but it will not be later than a couple of games into the season. I want to get the decision made and concentrate on my season, which starts on August 28th. If it goes a couple of games into my season it will be because I will be playing both ways this year and I want to see how I feel about playing defense. I know I like offense but to be fair I want to see how defense works out for me too."

How about visits, are you done with them?

"Yes sir, I am. I made a visit to Florida State recently and that will be the last one for me. It is time to look at all the information I have and start my decision making process. I don't see any more visits in my future at this time. They are for all practical purpose over with in my recruitment."

Speaking of your high school, how has practice been for you this past week?

"We have just started practice this past Saturday. We now have almost a whole month of practice before our first game."

Back to your recruiting, are all the schools recruiting you as a quarterback?

No sir, not all of them. Georgia Tech, Toledo, and Eastern Michigan are recruiting me as a quarterback. Indiana is recruiting me as an athlete and Oklahoma State wants me as a safety/linebacker combo they call the 'star' position."

Which do you prefer to play?

"I'd really like a shot on offense to be honest but I think I have the athletic ability to play on defense and do well. Offense is where I'd like to get my chance."

Of the five schools, do you have a top one or two?

"No sir, they are all pretty much even right now. I have some factors that I will use in making my decision and that will pretty much narrow it down to which one will be the one I choose. I will still look at everything each school has to offer and combine that with the factors I have for deciding on a school and the one that has the best fit will be the one I choose."

What are those factors?

"The biggest factor will be if the school is recruiting my brother Jabari (Jabari Hunt-Days). We really want to play together in college so that is a huge factor for my brother and me. Toledo has already given him a verbal offer, so that is a plus for them. Georgia Tech has said that he is extremely high on their list for the 2011 recruits and will be recruiting him very hard. If they offer him, that will be a plus for them. Oklahoma State, Indiana, and Eastern Michigan are in the process of looking at him right now. I'm not sure of their intentions on his recruitment. Another factor is the chance to play on offense. It's not a huge factor but like I said earlier, I'd love the chance to play on offense first. Another factor is distance. While it isn't a huge factor, it can come into play. I'd like to have my family have a chance to see me play if it is possible."

What position does your brother play?

"He plays middle linebacker and also plays fullback or the B-back position on offense."

Dale's Take:

When talking with Synjyn, I get the feeling he has an idea of where he wants to go and if that school were to offer his brother, his recruitment could be done right then. Synjyn was very open and honest about what is going on in his recruitment, and he seemed relieved that a decision could be just around the corner. He had that relaxed feeling when talking on the phone.

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