Dan Voss: Recovered and Ready For 2009

Dan Voss is a fifth year senior and one of only six seniors on the roster this season. Dan gives us his thoughts heading into his final season and how well he's recovering from his operation.

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Can you talk a little about the operation, how it went, and how you're feeling now?

"The operation went great. It was as successful as we hoped it would be. I began rehabbing a few weeks after the surgery. I've been rehabbing for about five or six months now. It feels great. Honestly it feels as good as it did before the injury. I went out there today and of course it wasn't hitting against live bodies but I hit hard against the bags. I couldn't tell that it was hurt before so that's good news."

Were you able to take part in most of the summer conditioning program?

"I took part in everything with the exception of a couple of lifts. We were cautious about some of them."

The team is looking for improvement in the passing game. Has the offensive line worked any more than usual on pass blocking this summer?

"This summer, the guys got together and worked on the pass and the run game. We know what needs to be done this year. We know that the pass protection last year wasn't good enough. We know that we have to have a good year to be a championship team and we're ready to make that commitment. Last year, it was brand new to us and it was a little bit of a shock stage for a while. Once we got around the end of the season, we started doing real well. We started figuring out what we were supposed to do. We're ready for the season to start."

How does the competition on the offensive line compare to last year?

"There's definitely a lot more competition this year. Two seasons ago, Trey [Dunmon] was the starter and I rotated with him at camp. He transferred after spring. This year, we don't know who's going to be first string at any position. It gets us excited for it and we'll get some good competition to be number one. I think that will produce a better offensive line."

I noticed Nick McRae at guard. Is that a permanent move for him?

"I think it is, at least permanent for this year. He might go back to center, but he's played mostly guard in the spring and he started out at guard today. I think he can be a good guard. Maybe center wasn't for him. After I graduate and Shawn graduates maybe we'll need more depth at center and he'll move back to center."

Is Raymond Beno going to be tried at center?

"Right now, we have three freshmen taking snaps at center. We have Will Jackson, Jay Finch and Beno. I'm not sure if any of them are going to have a better shot than the other. I think they'll all get a fair shot. I don't think right now that the coaches have a favorite."

As a unit, do the offensive linemen have any goals for the season?

"We haven't made our team goals yet and we haven't made our unit goals. Talking with the guys this summer, we know what needs to be done. We really think Jonathan Dwyer should get Heisman attention this year and get player of the year again. The offensive line needs to step up and produce if that's going to happen. We need the pass protection to get better. If that happens, then Josh and BeBe will get their numbers like they should. It all starts with the offensive line. It's hard to quantify how well the offensive line is doing except for the numbers that the players around us are getting. That's all we want as an offensive line is for the players around us to be All-ACC."

Finally, it seems like yesterday we saw you and your parents on campus for the first time watching practice. What are your thoughts going into your final season?

"This summer when I was running, I was thinking I can't believe this is my fifth summer here. It seems like a lifetime that I've been here. When I was at my first camp, I was thinking I have four or five more years of summer workouts and camp and it's so hot. Really though, it's flown by faster than I thought it would and I don't want it to end. I'm looking forward to enjoying my fifth year here. This team is going to be good this year and hopefully it's going to be the best year yet."

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