Jake Skole Talks Faves, Decision Looms

Blessed Trinity High School dual sport athlete Jake Skole is getting closer to making his college choice. Skole talks about when he may make that decision, who he has in his top five, and talks about a sixth school that has a chance to sneak into the picture.

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How has your recruiting been coming along?

"It has been real good. I am down to a list of five schools that I am considering and I will be weighing the pros and cons of each school to see which one is the best fit for me."

What are the top five schools on your list?

"Right now they are Georgia Tech, Georgia, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, and Florida State. I will say though that LSU has been recruiting me hard from the baseball side, but I am looking at playing both football and baseball in college."

Does this rule out LSU?

"Actually it hasn't. We sent film of my football games to the coaches at LSU, so they can evaluate them and see if they also want me there as a football player. Time will tell on how they fit into my recruiting plans."

Can you name some things that make the schools appealing to you?

"That will not be a problem as each school has a lot going for them. All of them have great things to offer in both football and baseball."

Georgia Tech – "They have strong football and baseball programs. Both Coach Johnson and Coach Hall are great coaches and they always have great teams. They have a strong academic reputation and of course my brother plays there. It would be very nice to play baseball with him again. Plus, Tech is real close to home so family coming to see me play will not be a problem. I know a lot about Georgia Tech through my brother and that is plus."

Georgia – "Coach Richt is a very good coach and they put strong teams on the football field. Coach Perno, who my family knows real well, has built Georgia's baseball team back up and they are also very close to home. I know a lot about Georgia as well."

South Carolina – "Coach Spurrier and Coach Tanner are great coaches. It would be great playing for them and they have some new facilities. They have strong support and playing football in the SEC would be nice."

FSU – "They have strong tradition in both football and baseball, putting players in MLB and the NFL."

Vanderbilt – "They are one of the best academic schools in the country and they have really recruited me hard over this year. I went to Vanderbilt for a baseball tournament and had a chance to talk with the coaches there and liked what they had to say."

When do you want to have a decision made?

"I will most likely have my decision made within the next month. I'd like to get this done so I can concentrate on my last year of playing football and baseball in high school."

How about your brother, has he tried to push you to Georgia Tech?

"He really wants the best for me and if the best is for me to attend another school to pave my own career, then he will be very happy for me. However, he does tell me that he wants me to come to Tech so we can play together once again. I know I can't base my decision just on his wants and wishes but I will take into consideration on how he feels about my recruitment."

Has any school said anything to you about making a decision due to scholarships running out?

"No sir, all schools have said I have a scholarship if I want to take it. I do know that both Georgia Tech and Georgia are running low on scholarships and that is one reason I am looking to make my decision within the next month. No school has come to me and tried to pressure me into making a decision and I really respect that."

Dale's Take:

Jake as usual was a great interview. It is very obvious he has plan on which school he wants to attend and he is following that plan very closely. We talked about how each school would be a good choice so he feels he can't go wrong on any one of them. I get the feeling that a couple of schools do standout from the others but Jake is playing that close to the vest so it will be interesting to see which school he decides on over the next month.

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