Why I Committed to GT - Isaiah Johnson

In a continuing series on "Why I Committed to Georgia Tech", Sandy Creek safety Isaiah Johnson tells his story to GoJackets.com. Sandy Creek has sent Georgia Tech two very good players in the past in Calvin Johnson and Andrew Gardner. That pipeline is still working today as Isaiah Johnson gave Georgia Tech a verbal on June 13 of this year.

Isaiah Johnson - Profile

How has practice been for you so far?

"It has been tough but it is great to get back out on the field and play some football."

You gave Georgia Tech your verbal on June 13th, can you tell us which schools Georgia Tech beat out for your commitment?

"Yes sir, I can. Tech won out over Oklahoma State, Georgia, Wake Forest, and Miami. Those were some good schools that were after me but Tech was my choice from day one."

What made Georgia Tech the obvious choice for you?

"There were a lot of reasons why Tech was my choice. When I first met the coaching staff I knew right away these coaches were winners and knew what they were doing. You could tell how they handled the transition from the old staff and how the team responded to them that they were going to be building something special at Tech. Also, when I was at Tech, I felt like I was at a home away from home. I felt real comfortable there. Now the other schools were nice and there are good things about them but none of them came close to the feeling I had when I was at Georgia Tech. I knew I would be the happiest there. Plus, Georgia Tech is a great school not just in football but also in all sports and nationally they are at the top academic wise. One other thing was my home was just right down the road. It wasn't a major reason but it made it easier to know that if I needed to go home, I was real close."

When did you realize that Georgia Tech was the place for you?

"I went to Georgia Tech for their junior day and loved it. About a month later, maybe even less, I knew I wanted to go there. I wanted to call Coach Johnson real bad and commit. My God Dad told me to slow down and look at other schools to be sure because once you commit you are done. He wanted me to make sure I wasn't rushing into a decision because Tech was the first school I visited. Once I made other visits, it was still clear that there wasn't any other place I wanted to be than Tech. So when the elite camp came around, I made my commitment and I've never looked back. I felt ready, so I said to myself I need to do it now."

Have there been any other schools trying to get you to reconsider?

"I get mail all the time. I never even open them anymore. I just look at which school sent it to me and never look at it again. About the only new school that I can recall sending me mail has been West Virginia. Still, I don't open it. I just put it away. I know Tech is the place I want to be and that is all I need to know about my recruitment.'

Do you talk to other recruits and try to get them to come in with you?

"Yes sir, I do. Denzel and I sent texts to one another a lot before and after he made his commitment (in fact he just sent a text to Denzel right before our interview). I talked with Anthony some and now I heard he made his commitment to Georgia Tech. This class is trying to be one that is special and we are trying to get as many great recruits to come in with us as we can. A lot of the commitments have already formed a bond with one another and that is something we are proud of."

Dale's Take:

You could still tell by the excitement in his voice that Isaiah is very happy about attending Georgia Tech. He still talks about how great he felt when he was there for Junior Day back in February. He talks with Denzel McCoy a lot and through them a lot of recruits have made friendships, which will go a long way in building some chemistry for the football team. This class even though it might be small in numbers will make up for it with how they bond with one another.

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