Jemea Thomas: "I love to hit."

When Jemea Thomas announced his intention to come to Georgia Tech, the hot topic of discussion among the fans and the Georgia Tech coaching staff was which side of the ball will we see Jemea. That question was answered on the first day of practice. Jemea talks about the adjustments he's making and why he's glad he ended up on the defensive side of the ball.

Jemea Thomas - Profile

How have the first two days of practice been?

"Very confusing since we just come in and we had to learn a lot of new stuff. It went okay"

When you first came in, you were expected to open up at a- back, but on the first day of practice you were out there at safety. When did this change come about?

"It was a last minute thing. Coach Johnson just came in and sat me down and asked me where I wanted to play. I told him safety."

I guess you prefer playing on the defensive side of the ball and doing the hitting?

"Yeah, because I love to hit. That's something I love."

How did the summer conditioning program go for you?

"It was rough to begin with, but we managed to get through it. We had to get ready for the season, and we knew we needed it."

Did you have any goals going into preseason practice?

"My goal is to get better every day. We'll see where that takes me"

Is there anything specific that you're trying to work on?

"Yeah, just work on my coverage. I have to get better at that"

You've been working with the second unit. Any thoughts on playing or being red shirted?

"I'm on the second string, so I doubt I'll be red shirted. I don't know."

Will you have a chance to work on kick returns? I know Coach Johnson wants to take a look at the freshmen that returned kicks in high school.

"Not much on special teams, they got me filled in but I'm third or fourth on the list.

How are you adjusting to college life?

"I'm still adjusting to it. I just went through the summer and now the fall is coming up so I'm still adjusting. The classes are going okay."

Rod's Take:

After just two days of practice it's easy to see that Jemea may be one of the players in the freshman class that has a chance to play right away. He has that look about him when he's on the field. As Coach Johnson likes to say, some guys look good in shorts but not as good in pads. I don't think Jemea will be one of those players but seeing him and the rest of the freshmen class in pads is something everyone is anticipating. Top Stories