Kareem Martin Trims List To Five

Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina defensive end Kareem Martin spoke with GoJackets.com earlier this week. When we spoke, Kareem was in the process of trimming his long list of schools. He has now trimmed his list down to five. We talked with Kareem today to find out what five schools made his cut and what he thought of each school.

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When we last spoke, you were cutting down your long list of schools down to five. Have you completed that process?

"Yes sir, I have called all the schools that didn't make the cut and let them know and I have called the five that did so they would know where I stand with them."

What five schools made the cut?

"In no particular order, they are Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, North Carolina, Duke and Clemson. Those are the five that I feel offer the best for me as a college football player."

Can you list some of the positives of each school?

"Sure that isn't problem."

Georgia Tech – "Great coaching staff, really strong staff and stable. Came in last year fresh and tied for the Coastal Division in the ACC. Coach Johnson won ACC Coach of the Year and that is a huge plus. They are a strong team and look to be even better for the future. Plus they have great academics. They are one of the top schools in the nation academically."

Virginia Tech – "Coach Beamer and staff have been together for 20 plus years and they are a proven winner. Coach Beamer is a great coach too. I made a visit there and learned a lot more about them outside of football."

North Carolina – "One of my childhood favorites. They have a great Coach in Coach Davis who would also be my position coach if I went there as he coaches the defensive line. The staff looks to be a good one."

Duke – "Coach Cutliffe is changing Duke football. He is turning around how they play football up there and that is nice. He is bringing in good recruits. His staff looks to be a good one and Duke is top academic school."

Clemson – I went on visit there and met my position coach and he showed me a lot about Clemson. They have a great environment there and it seems really family oriented. I also met my recruiting coach and had a great time meeting their families.

Are you still sticking with your time frame on your decision?

"Yes sir, I plan on making a decision within the next few weeks. I just have to evaluate these five schools and see which one is the best fit for me.

Dale's Take:

Kareem chose five schools from the ACC to be in his final five and three of them have good academic reputations and one of them is known world wide for their academic reputation. This should be no surprise as Kareem is an excellent student that takes his academics as seriously as he does playing football if not more so. It will be interesting to see which of the five he will pick.

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