Sedric Griffin: "A True Playmaker"

Affectionately known as "Sed the Entertainer", Sedric Griffin came out of nowhere to become the starting linebacker for the Yellow Jackets. Griffin wasn't a highly recruited player but used all his abilities to be one of the hardest hitters on the team. Griffin takes a look at this season and talks about his and the team's goals for the season.

Sedric Griffin - Profile

Have you had a chance to think about your final season?

"My only thought right now is to have a big season and win a championship. In my years here we've come close but right now I really want a championship."

What about the players playing around you?

"The retention rate has been great. Everyone is way far ahead of where we were last year. It's a big plus because we can install more into the defensive schemes."

How well do you and Brad work together?

"Very well, very well, we almost know what each other is thinking at times. We work very well together."

Can you tell everyone about the wolf position?

" A lot of people don't understand. It's just like a nickel package. We ran the same thing last year. It's now our base package. It's nothing new."

How tough was it last year with the injury and not being able to contribute as much as you wanted to contribute?

"It was very tough. I see myself as a true playmaker and I can provide a lot of things to the defense. Not being out there and being on the outside looking in was very, very tough."

What is expected of you playing on the outside?

"I'm expected to be a playmaker and make sacks, make interceptions, play in space, play in the box and do everything basically."

How was the summer as far as preparation for the season?

My theme was to get in a championship mode. I wanted to be in a championship mode in everything I do to help win a championship. I wanted to prepare like a champion, work like a champion, and think like a champion. That's my whole motto."

Is the team going to sit down and set some goals for the year?

"We did that Tuesday. The number one goal this year is to win the ACC championship. We've been close and everyone is tired of being mediocre. We want to be a great team."

Are there one or two teams that you may be pointing for this season?

"No, we're thinking one game at a time. Whoever is on the schedule that's who we'll think about and do our best." Top Stories