Orwin Smith "Wanted To Make An Impression"

The 2009 Georgia Tech recruiting class had some marquee names such as Jordan Luallen, J.C. Lanier, Roderick Sweeting and Stephen Hill. Running back Orwin Smith was one of the members of the class that many didn't expect to hear much about during his freshman season. All that may have changed after his performance this past Saturday.

GoJackets.com had a chance to speak with Orwin Smith after practice today to get a few comments on how he's progressing after his first week of practice.

How are you feeling after the first week of practice?

"Everything has been great. After I had the trouble learning the offense, today I was able to fit in to the offense."

Did the 11-on-11 on Saturday give you a lot of confidence? You seemed to have a pretty good day.

"Yes sir it did. I came in with high expectations, so I wanted to come in and be ready. I studied real hard Friday night."

Did you expect to get a chance this soon with all the a-backs on the roster?

"I came in with the mentality that I was behind everyone. I wanted to work harder than everyone so it wouldn't be a surprise to me when I did play."

How would you describe your style of running?

"I'm pretty much a power, slash, and stop-and-go runner."

I noticed on one play Saturday that you ran over a player rather than going out of bounds.

"Yes sir, I did that. I pretty much did that all through high school. Sometimes I see the older guys go out of bounds but I wanted to surprise and make an impression."

How did the summer go for you and how are you adjusting to college life?

"It's going great. Usually in the summer, it's just practice and having the rest of the day off. I'm getting used to going to class and then football."

Were you a kick returner in high school?

"Yes sir, I was. Actually today Coach Johnson asked me if I've ever played special teams. I told him I did and he said he'd try to fit me in on the special teams."

Do you have a preference between kickoff return or punt return?

"I'd say kickoff return because there's more protection but I'll do both."

Do you have any expectations or goals going into the season?

"One thing I want to do it to get into the rotation. Coming in as a freshman that's hard to do but it's something I want."

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