J.C. Lanier: "I Want To Play"

Going into the 2009 season, Georgia Tech's depth at the defensive tackle position has been a big topic of discussion. With only three players with experience returning, freshman J.C. Lanier has been mentioned as player who could possibly play right away. J.C. talks about his struggles to reach that goal and what he's trying to improve.

J.C. Lanier - Profile

Was the first week of practice what you expected?

"It was what I expected. My high school coach told me to be ready and to be prepared."

How do you think you did the first week?

"I think I did pretty good. There's a lot of stuff I need to work on like learning the plays. If I mess up on a play, it effects how I perform."

It seems like you've been moving up the depth chart after starting at the rear as most freshmen do. Have they talked to you about moving up?

"They've talked to me a little bit about moving up. I've struggled a bit. They want you to be perfect, but you can't be perfect. They want you to go hard every single play and that's affected me a little."

Is there anything physically that you're working on?

"I'm working on my speed and being able to run after the ball. I'm working on my hands. They play a whole lot faster here than in high school."

I guess Saturday gave you a chance to see what that's like?

"It showed me that I'm not quite ready. I need to work a little harder."

Have they told you what their plans are for you this year?

"I'll just wait until the Saturday's. It's on me and not the coaches. If I don't play, it's my fault."

How did the summer go for you?

"It was tough. I had to lose a lot of weight. Right now I'm good. I lost about twenty pounds. I'm 326 right now. I need to lose about six more pounds"

How did your classes go?

"It was different, but I was able to get a lot of support and I was able to get help. The support was very good."

What have you seen from your fellow freshmen?

"We have a very good class. They're all very athletic."

Do you have any individual goals going into this season?

"I want to play. If I didn't want to play, I shouldn't be here."

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