Rod Sweeting: "Catching On Quickly"

Before the start of the summer, Rod Sweeting was considered one of the top players in Georgia Tech's freshman class. His work during the summer and preseason camp has not changed that perception. spoke with Rod after Wednesday morning's practice about the progress he's making and the steps he's taking to get on the field this season.

Roderick Sweeting - Profile

How was the first week of practice?

"I knew it was going to be hard because it's the college level. I knew it was going to be different from high school and the tempo much faster. I'm catching on and everything is going well."

Did the scrimmage give you a good idea of the speed of the college game?

"I think I did pretty good. I just need to work on getting better leverage. I need to work on the technique that coach Kelly teaches me. It was a good scrimmage."

Has anyone talked to you about the possibility of getting playing time in your first year?

"Coach Kelly said I can get some playing time. I just need to keep coming out here and competing. I have to do what I have to do and I should be all right."

Would that include special teams?

"Yes, sir. He told me he wants me to play special teams and corner. If I keep coming out here and competing, everything will take care of itself."

How did the summer go for you?

"The summer went pretty good. We all worked hard. It was a change from high school to college, but I caught on pretty quick."

What do you consider your strengths?

"I think breaking on the ball and having good change of direction. I play the ball pretty good and I don't give up."

Is there anything you feel you have to work on or they've told you to work on to get better?

"I have to work on getting better leverage and using better technique. I have to keep going at 100% and not give up."

Do you have any individual goals for the season?

"I just want to help my team out any way I can."

Do you think you and your fellow freshmen make up a pretty good class?

"From what I can see, everyone is working hard out here. They're all trying to get accustomed to the college level. Everyone seems to be doing well."

Is playing against someone like Bebe (Demaryius Thomas) everyday going to help you out?

"I like it. He's a big receiver. He's one of the top receivers in the ACC, so competing against him gives me a feel of where I'm at right now."

What are you thoughts on the freshmen offensive players that you've gone up against so far?

"Stephen Hill is a good receiver. He's big and has good hands. Competing against him is great. We're both freshmen competing on the same ground, so we both have to keep going at it. Top Stories