Raymond Beno: "Welcome To College Football"

One of Georgia Tech's top priorities in the 2009 recruiting class was the offensive line. The Yellow Jackets put together a group that should solidify that position. Newnan's Raymond Beno was a member of that class. Ray, who is currently playing center, spoke with GoJackets.com following Thursday's practice.

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Coach Johnson wasn't very happy with the effort out there today?

"No sir, definitely not. It is hot and it does get tiring out here, but everybody on the team needs to find a way to push through it and give all they have. It's going to take that all season to get where we want to go."

You've completed almost two weeks of practice. Has it been what you've expected?

"It's definitely what I expected. There's been high intensity and a faster pace than high school. It's been totally what I expected."

How have you been doing?

"I've been doing pretty well. I'm getting used to running the plays. I'm learning the offense as we go. I've been getting some reps in and I feel I'm doing pretty good."

With the responsibilities that go with playing center, has it made it more difficult to learn the offense?

"It has more responsibility as you and the quarterback have to get the ball off. As for responsibilities it's the same across the board."

You, Will Jackson, and Jay Finch started the preseason at the center position. Are you the one that will remain there?

"Yes sir, that's how it looks right now. We all started at center on day one, and then they rotated us to see who would stay and who would go. I ended up being the one that stayed."

The other two are playing guard now?

"Jay is working at guard and tackle. Will is at guard."

What were your impressions of the first extended 11-on-11?

"The first scrimmage was definitely fast-paced. Welcome to college football, I guess."

You've had a chance to go up against some of the starting defensive linemen. What are your impressions?

"They are the real deal. They are fast, big, and strong. They are definitely at another level."

Now that you've been through the summer workouts, is there anything that you want to work on to improve?

"I want to improve my strength and conditioning. I need to work on my speed."

What do you feel are your strong points?

"My strong point is my strength even though I need to keep working on it. That and the agility and quickness I have now are my strengths."

Which of your fellow freshmen sticks out in your mind from what you've seen so far?

"One person that sticks out in my mind is Stephen Hill. He came in here and has done a great job at wide receiver."

Have you set any goals for yourself this year?

"This year, if anything, try to stay away from the scout team for defense. I'd like to try and dress out for a couple of games."

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