Jake Skole Narrows List To Three

Blessed Trinity dual sport athlete Jake Skole spent the summer playing baseball for the East Cobb Yankees. Skole talks about his trip to New Mexico for the Connie Mack World Series and his updated his list of schools for football. His top five has been pared to three. Skole reveals which of the five remain on his list.

Jake Skole - Profile

How did you do in the Connie Mack World Series?

"We had a good time out in New Mexico. We lost in the semifinals though. I didn't get to play as much in the field as I would have normally because I had torn ligaments in my thumb on my throwing hand. The last few games I was relegated to being the DH. Still we had a good time even though we lost out in the semis."

How has the football recruiting been coming along?

"I tell you, it has been difficult. One day I think about one school, and the next day it seems I am looking at another one. I just have to really sit down and think things through and come to a decision. It is going to be tough as I like a few schools a lot. I have to start getting ready for my senior year of football and get in practice and ready to play. The recruiting is something I need to sit down and really think about and make a wise and correct choice."

The last time we spoke, you had five schools you were considering. Is that still the same now?

"Georgia Tech, Georgia, Florida State, Vanderbilt and South Carolina are the five schools. I am still looking at all of them. But, I will say that Georgia Tech, Georgia, and Florida State have pretty much pulled away from Vanderbilt and South Carolina and have become a top three for me."

Are you still looking at a decision within the next month?

"Yes sir. I'd say that by the end of September, I should have a decision made. I know some schools are still looking at me that have just a few scholarships left, so I will have to come to a decision pretty soon. I think within the next month I will have one."

Are you still looking to play both sports in college?

"Yes sir, I am. I'd really like to play both football and baseball in college. I like both sports a lot. I know it is a challenge but it is something I want to do."

Dale's Take:

While Jake didn't have much to say, he did let us know he has pretty much narrowed his choice down to three schools. Georgia Tech has his brother that plays baseball for them so it could be seen as an easy decision for Jake but it isn't as both Georgia and Florida State has some intangibles that keep them up there with Georgia Tech. It will be interesting to see which school Jake will pick as all three have great teams in both sports he plays.

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