Kareem Martin Needs More Time To Decide

Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina defensive end Kareem Martin had previously mentioned making a decision at the end of the month. Will he still be sticking to that timetable? Kareem talks about that and his upcoming senior season.

Kareem Martin - Profile

How has football practice been for your high school?

"It has gone really well so far. We hope to have a good season this year. In the past the varsity has been made up of mostly freshmen and sophomores. This year we have a lot of junior and senior talent and leadership. We are looking to improve and have a really good year. The last couple of years have been tough so we are really looking forward to this year."

How has your recruiting process been since we last spoke?

"To tell you the truth it has really slowed down since I trimmed my list of schools down to five. Before I trimmed my list of schools, I was getting mail, e-mails, texts, or phone calls practically every day. I still get a lot them now but not near as much before."

Has there been any movement on the list of five schools?

"No sir, not really. I still favor Georgia Tech, Clemson, North Carolina, Duke and Virginia Tech like before. They are all pretty much still even. I have a lot of thinking to do to come to a decision."

Has your time table remained the same?

"That is one thing that has changed. I felt like I needed to have a decision made before school started on the 25th, but it is such an important decision to make that I have decided to wait until midseason or after the season before I decide. This decision is tough and I don't want to make a hastily made decision. I have a couple things I want to sort out and then look at all the information I have on each of the five schools and then make a wise and sound decision for myself. I want to get this right and do right by each school. It is important that I treat the schools like I want to be treated."

Have any of the factors for making your decision changed?

"No sir, they are the same. I want a great education, a stable coaching staff, and to feel real comfortable at the school I decide to attend."

It sounds like you have given this a lot of thought?

"Yes sir, I have and I think it is best that I wait and make sure of my decision and that it is the best one for me all around."

Dale's Take:

You could tell during our conversation that Kareem has been giving this a lot of thought. He said that he wants to do the right thing by all schools so he is giving himself more time to think everything through so the decision he makes is the right one. He will concentrate on his last year of high school and do everything he can to better his high school team and still look at his recruiting as time goes by.

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