Ryan White's Top Two Remains the Same

Tallahassee Lincoln QB Ryan White is beginning to get interest from some new schools. Although White has a top five, two schools continue to top his list. Ryan talks about those schools and his preparation for the beginning of his senior football season.

Ryan White - Profile

Has school started for you at Tallahassee Lincoln?

"We start school on Monday after a good summer off."

How about practice, how has that been?

"We have been doing two a days for the past two weeks. We will have a jamboree type event to help get ready too. Next week we enter our normal practice routine in getting prepared for Niceville on September 3rd. They will be coming up to our place to play. ESPNU has tentatively scheduled us to be on television that Thursday night as Niceville is ranked around fifth in the state and we are ranked third. We will face a real tough schedule this year."

How has your team looked in practice?

"You can tell in the second week we had really improved over the first week. I'm hoping we continue that week to week improvement the next week and half before we play Niceville. We have a good mixture of young players and upper class players. The upper class players are getting the younger ones ready both mentally (making sure they know the assignments and plays) and physically (pushing them hard in practice and conditioning) so they can be ready to help us during the season. We want as seniors to go out as state champions."

How about recruiting, anything new to report?

"I have a few new teams recruiting me. Oklahoma State, Michigan State, Notre Dame, and Iowa State all have started recruiting me very hard the past few weeks. I get a lot of mail and calls from them as well as from the teams that have been recruiting me from day one."

How many offers do you have to date?

"Right now I have about ten offers and hope to get more since some new schools have entered the picture."

Do you have a top five and how do the new teams enter into your picture?

"Right now my top five is Georgia Tech, South Carolina, Ole Miss, Southern Miss and Iowa State. I can say though that Georgia Tech and South Carolina are tied at the top as my leaders with the others trailing behind. Of the new teams only Iowa State has come into my top list of teams."

Do you stay in touch with any of the recruits that are committed to schools?

"I text and talk with Denzel McCoy a good bit. He tells me how great it would be if I came there with the class that is coming in and really tells me about the positives that Georgia Tech has to offer. He has really shown me a lot about Georgia Tech and I do say I like what he has to say. He's a great guy and he tells me that the Tech recruits are really bonding and staying in touch."

Are all the schools recruiting you as a quarterback?

"No sir not all of them. Mississippi and South Carolina are recruiting me as a slot back and wildcat type quarterback, and Arkansas is recruiting me as a defensive back. All the other schools have told me they want me as a quarterback."

How about a time frame for your decision? When we last spoke you really hadn't set one?

"Right now, I really need to hear more from all the schools involved. I know I will take in a few games this season. Two games I'd love to see would be the Thursday night game between Georgia Tech and Clemson and then the Georgia Tech/Georgia game so I can get that rivalry feel. I'll also probably make the South Carolina/Florida game this year too. Some games I might go to are ones at Mississippi, Iowa State, and Eastern Carolina. After some visits, I'll need to sit down with both my parents and coaches and talk it over with them to allow them to help me come up with the best decision. I want to make a wise choice and with their help, after seeing all the schools I am looking at, I will be able to do that. Given all that, it looks like I will be a signing day decision."

Dales' Take:After two weeks of grueling two-a-day practices, you could tell Ryan was ready for the season to begin. After the jamboree, they will jump right into a big game with Niceville that could set the tone for their season. Ryan's team has one of the toughest schedules to go through this season, so this year will tell a lot about his team and him as a player. He is looking forward to the challenge and is looking forward to the recruiting process as he already has two teams that he favors. Who knows, on a visit to a particular school, he could very well decide that the school is the right one for him.

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