Interview with Coach Todd Spencer

Georgia Tech completed the third week of preseason practice today with a short scrimmage. met with Offensive Line Coach Todd Spencer following today's scrimmage to find out how his players are progressing for Jacksonville State.

How has the offensive line progressed over the three weeks of preseason practice?

"I think that Coach Sewak and I were pretty satisfied for the most part with the way we were going last week. I think that this afternoon we took a step back. There were way too many missed assignments, our quarterback got hit three or four times, and we need to shore up our pass protection. There were some mental errors out there. I'm certain that guys were thinking about other things and not concentrating today."

Is that a sign of physical or mental fatigue?

"I don't want to give them any excuses or outs. Anytime we go out there we have to be ready to work and push through things. I thought this afternoon we really took a step back. It was really disappointing."

I guess the competition has been better this year than last year?

"No question that we've got some good competition. The tackle position has more depth. The center position has Dan Voss and Sean Bedford battling it out. Omoregie Uzzi has had a pretty good fall camp. He's improved and is pushing for playing time at guard. Yes, absolutely I think we have more depth and better competition."

I guess that will leave you more options in the rotation?

"I think we have more capable bodies to throw in and guys understand Coach Johnson's system and know where to go. There's no doubt about it."

Have there been any surprises or guys that stood out?

"I hate to single anybody out at this point before we play a game other than the way they work and understand the offense. I can answer that after we play someone. Right now, we're just going against ourselves. You don't want to give any false illusions."

Is there a chance that any of the freshmen have a chance to play?

"At this point, that's still up in the air. We're still battling through things right now and working. A lot of those guys have gotten in and have gotten some good live repetition. With all the guys we've recruited, I'd hate to single anyone out."

You like to start them at center and work them to the outside. Is Raymond Beno still at center?

"Yes, Beno is still at center. Jay Finch has working predominately at guard in camp. You'll never know where guys will end up." Top Stories