Skole Talks About His Commitment

Jake Skole talks with Dale McDuffie about his commitment to the Yellow Jackets.

Blessed Trinity athlete Jake Skole made his decision this past Monday. Jake talks about how spending last weekend on campus with his brother led to his decision on Monday to attend Georgia Tech for both football and baseball. Skole talks with about the decision and how he's glad the process is over.

I understand you have made a commitment to a school?

"Yes sir I sure have and in fact I spent about twenty minutes talking to the coaches telling them the news. I called Coach Johnson and Coach Hall on Monday at lunch time and let them know I was coming to Georgia Tech. Both were very excited about the news. Coach Johnson said he was very glad I made the decision and he looked forward to having me on the team. Coach Hall was out playing golf but we talked a bit and he was very happy that I will be a part of the Yellow Jacket baseball team. I will be playing with my brother on the baseball team and that is a very good thing in my eyes."

What made you decide to go ahead and commit now?

"I had talked with the coaches at Georgia Tech and knew they had only one scholarship left at what they were recruiting me to play. I decided that now is the time to take my scholarship while it is there and get the recruiting over with. To be honest it was a relief and exciting at the same time telling both coaches I was coming to Tech. The recruiting process was fun and I enjoyed it but I felt that it needed to come to an end and I ended it with my commitment to Tech. I know Coach Johnson doesn't want you making any other visits to other schools and that is cool. I am fine with that and understand that you have to be firm with your commitment once you make one."

How did the scenario play out to get you to Georgia Tech?

"Well I spent the weekend with my brother at Tech. He took me around and showed me everything there and talked about how great of school Tech is and how much fun it would be for us two to be teammates on the baseball field. I liked everything he showed me and talked to me about. I left that Sunday night with neither of us knowing what I was going to do. When I got home I talked it over with my Dad and we both came to the conclusion that Georgia Tech was indeed the best place for me. I slept on it and the next day I knew I had come to the right decision. That is when I called the coaches at Tech. My brother heard the news and when we talked he was very excited and happy for me to be coming to Tech."

Have you told the other schools about your decision?

"Yes sir, I have. I've called both Georgia and Florida State to let them know I was going to Tech to play both football and baseball. The coaches at both schools were really bummed to hear the news but they took it well and wished me the best and they were happy for me. At the end of my recruiting process it was getting quite hectic so it was the right time to end it. It was a good experience but I am glad it is over."

You will be signing a football letter of intent in February, how will this affect your baseball status come the June draft next year?

"I know that if I play one out or one at bat, I am locked in to Tech until I turn 21 or my junior year, which ever comes first. First I will look at how I play my senior year of baseball in high school and then look at the draft. If I am not drafted where I think I should be or the money isn't what I think it should be, then I will be at Tech for baseball. I feel that I will be playing both sports for Tech so I'm not too worried about that. I am just looking at my senior year of football and baseball and then getting ready to be at Georgia Tech to continue playing both sports."

What position are you being projected to play on the football team?

"When Tech first started recruiting me they wanted me as an A-Back but now they are saying that I will come in as an athlete. In fact I have been talking with Coach Wommack and the other defensive coaches the most lately so I feel I can and probably will get a shot on defense first. It really doesn't matter to me though as I will play wherever they feel it is best for me to play. I know I am coming into a great situation and will doing anything to help the team win. To be honest, athlete is where all the other schools were recruiting me so Tech saying that isn't a big deal."

Where are you playing in high school on the football team?

"I am playing pretty much all over the place on offense. I will play some at wide receiver, slot back, and running back. On defense I play free safety."

Dale's Take: Jake was glad that his recruitment was over even though he really did enjoy the process. He got to see places and enjoyed going to see those places. However, it came down to two things, the fact his brother was at Georgia Tech as the starting third baseman and the fact that Georgia Tech was running out of scholarships at positions he was being projected to play. He decided that combining those two factors together it just made sense for him to commit to the Yellow Jackets. Both Coach Johnson and Coach Hall came away with a player that will be very valuable to their respected sports. Jake's entire family was very ecstatic about his decision and everyone thought his decision was the best one to make, especially Jake. Top Stories