Interview with Coach Brian Bohannon

Coach Brian Bohannon talks about the progress made by the quarterbacks in preseason camp, the surprise number three quarterback, and the impact he hopes one backup B Back will bring to the team for the upcoming season. These and other topics were discussed following yesterday's practice.

Have you been pleased with the progress the quarterbacks have made in preseason camp?

"Starting with Josh Nesbitt, if you look back at a year ago to now, he's made a lot of progress. He's stayed healthy throughout camp which is huge. With the injury to Jaybo Shaw, it gives some other guys some opportunities. Tevin Washington is now the second team quarterback and he's made some improvements. He's obviously a redshirt freshman but I'm looking for some more consistency with him. It's kind of a roller coaster ride at times. Also, Quentin Sims is over there playing quarterback. He's done some good things for not having played there. He did it in high school which has helped him a lot. He's done some good things."

Is he getting a lot of reps in practice?

"Yeah, we're going to increase them a little bit. Right now he's the third quarterback. David Sims is still working over there. Obviously David is not ready to play. We don't want to take away what could be a better day down the road."

You're trying to keep the redshirt for both David Sims and Jordan Luallen?

"Jordan is hurt so he is going to get that anyway. He's not going to be back out for a while. David is making improvements. He's a true freshman playing quarterback in a new deal."

What's the prognosis on Jordan? Is there a set day for his coming back?

"I think the last I heard is that they'll possibly take the boot off at the end of the week. We'll progress from there and see how he feels about doing some things. I really don't know how long."

I guess Lyons has had a pretty good camp?

"He's had a very good camp. I'm very pleased with him. He's definitely my second team b-back, obviously behind Jon. I think if things work out as we've planned that's going to be a luxury we didn't have last year."

In a normal competitive game will you use just two b-backs?

"Yeah, in a normal game we'll go with those two. It will just depend on how the game goes. It can go anywhere from fifteen to twenty snaps for the second guy just depending on the flow of the game and what's going on. I think it will make Jon a better player."

Has the progress with Preston Lyons allowed you to keep guys like Lucas Cox at a-back?

"He's an a-back. If some of those guys were to get hurt, we play him some at b-back in practice. He does both. Preston has clearly made himself the number two B Back. He's had a really good camp. We're really pleased with him. Not only is he going to go in as a backup but we think he can make some quality plays for us in the game."

Is Anthony Allen in the same situation as Cox?

"Right now, Anthony he's a slot. We want him to concentrate on that position. He's going to play a lot there. If something drastic were to happen, we would re-evaluate but right now he's a slot back." Top Stories