Synjyn Days Commits to Georgia Tech

Hillgrove High School quarterback Synjyn Days has ended his recruiting. Days made the call to the lucky school Monday to let them know that they were his choice. Synjyn tells why he chose the school he did. At Synjyn's request, the news was not made public until he could announce his decision at school today.

Synjyn Days - Profile

How has your recruitment been coming along?

"Well it has come to an end as I have made my decision and will attend Georgia Tech. It was a hard and tough decision as Coach Spencer from Oklahoma State really made it a tougher decision than I thought it would be in the end. I sent him a text and told him that I will be attending Georgia Tech and will text or call the other schools to inform them of my decision."

Did you speak with Coach Johnson about your decision today?

"Yes sir, I did. In fact, I contacted both Coach Johnson and Coach Bohannon and told them I was ready to commit and would love to be a Yellow Jacket. They were very happy to hear about my decision and were ready for me to come in. In fact, Coach Johnson joked and asked what took so long as he wanted me to come to Georgia Tech real bad. I told him it was a hard decision and that another school (Oklahoma State) made it a difficult one and that I had to be real sure. I know once I make that commitment, it is over. I know what commitment means and I am finished with my recruiting now that I have informed Georgia Tech of my decision."

When did you know Georgia Tech was the place for you?

"I told my Mom about a month and half ago that I wanted to go to Georgia Tech and that I was ready to make the commitment. We spoke with my Dad and he said that I needed to be sure and that I should wait a bit and really think it over. I came back to my Dad and told him I was ready and we all got together and prayed to God about my decision and asked for guidance and everything just pointed to Tech. I knew then that I was ready to call Coach Johnson and make that commitment. My Dad then gave me the okay to make that commitment."

What were some of the factors that made it add up to Georgia Tech?

"The fact that at Hillgrove, we run the triple option was a big plus. The fact that I got along with the coaches is a great thing too. I remember at one of the camps, Coach Brian Jean-Mary came over and gave me the nickname of "AD". He told me that I was the type of player that could play any position "All Day" long. That really made me feel comfortable with the coaches there. Also the fact that Tech is looking hard at my brother Jabari (Hunt-Days) is a big plus too. He has had contact with Coach Johnson, his recruiting coach, Coach Brian Bohannon, and his position coach, Coach Brian Jean-Mary. One other thing that made Tech the right choice is that they have a sign that 1 out of every 6 Georgia Tech graduates becomes millionaires. I know when I leave Georgia Tech with a degree, I will have something that will carry me in life after football in case my football career is over after college and that is very important. I value my education."

What will you major in at Georgia Tech?

"I will major in biology of some kind, as I want to head to medical school afterward to become a dentist."

Was the fact that Tech is close to home important?

"It is a little bit - if I want to go home for a nice home cooked meal I can. But to be honest, distance wasn't that much of a factor. I know I need to get out from under my parents' wings and experience life and get out on my own. So Tech is close if I need it to be but far enough that I can experience life on my own terms too."

How about your high school season? Are you looking forward to it?

"Yes sir, I am. On one note it is sad that it is my last year at Hillgrove, but I have the excitement of going off to college and beginning that career too. I will be playing quarterback, defensive back, and returning punts this year for Hillgrove. So it should be a busy and exciting season for us."

What were you final list of schools?

"Georgia Tech, Oklahoma State, Toledo, Indiana, and Eastern Michigan were my final five."

It sounds like you are very happy about your decision?

"Yes sir, I am. I know I made the right choice. It was a difficult process but I made a great decision out of a difficult situation."

Dale's Take:

You can tell that the Days family is real close. I spoke with Mr. Days, and he said that both Synjyn and Jabari played on an East Cobb football team that went undefeated. Synjyn was a quarterback and defensive back, and Jabari was a linebacker and fullback. Charles Perkins was a running back on the team. Jake Skole also played on the team with Hutson Mason from Lassiter High School. Mr. Days was happy that Synjyn was going to Tech with Charles Perkins and even happier when I informed him that Jake Skole had also committed to the Yellow Jackets. Now both Synjyn and his family are hoping that Jabari will get a scholarship offer from Georgia Tech to complete a family of sorts for them at Georgia Tech. It was hard to tell who was the happiest, Synjyn or Mr. Days as both were ecstatic about Synjyn's decision. Top Stories