Interview with WR Coach Buzz Preston

Going into preseason camp, Coach "Buzz" Preston knew that he had an all-conference player returning, a much hyped recruit coming in, the return of all the receivers from last season and a transfer gaining eligibility. Coach Preston talks about their preseason performance, and how things look going into the season.

Could you tell last year that once Kevin Cone was eligible that he had a shot at playing or even starting?

"You're always analyzing everybody. You never assume that somebody is not going to be a factor. You're always seeing how you can build a team so that's part of the deal. We looked at him and evaluated him and knew he had a chance. We were excited to see what he could do once he was eligible."

What makes him good enough to possibly be a starter?

"He's an athletic guy. He's probably one of those guys that are overlooked in recruiting. That happens in recruiting. We don't always pick the right ones. He's one of those guys that's developed late in size and they really were division one players. With him, he has a lot of different things. He's got quickness, good speed, and good hands. He's a great competitor and has great energy. His strongest attribute is that he comes to work and with energy every day. This allows him to become a consistent player. To me, that's the key to being a good player; are you consistent? You can be a talented player, but if you're not consistent it's worthless."

How does taking reps at quarterback affect Quentin Sims in the rotation?

"We have to wait and see how it all plays out. There are so many factors in it. He may play some out there and he may not. We have to see. He may end up being our quarterback. We have that too. It kind of gives us some flexibility to exploit people because of his ability to do both."

What do the two freshmen bring to the table?

"They both bring good size and good speed. They have good hands. One's probably not as ready as the other one right now. We'll probably redshirt him. I think they bring the size and athletic ability that you want out there. When you're ready to put the ball in the air, they can do that and they can hold the blocks out there."

The depth chart shows Hill behind Thomas. Will we see both of them on the field at the same time?

"There's a good possibility you'll see that. We can always work that in. When we train them, we train them to do both sides. They understand what to do. We teach them the concept of the offense and they understand it."

How is Stephen doing with his blocking?

"He's getting better. He's got a long way to go but he's getting a better understanding of what we want." Top Stories