Catching up with Chris Jackson

Chris Jackson transferred to Georgia Tech from Alabama back in July. As of two weeks ago, he is finally doing what many saw him doing all along – practicing football with the Yellow Jackets. Chris is now an A-Back in Paul Johnson's offense but will sit out the 2009 season in accordance with NCAA transfer guidelines. Chris told us about his new team, new school and updated us on an old buddy.

Profile – Chris Jackson

Good to see you back here at Tech.

Glad to be back.

How did you end up with number 31?

"Thirty-one, of course, it was Kamaron Riley's number. They just put me in a number because I have to redshirt this year because I'm transferring. So, they put me in a number this year just to get me out here to work with the offense."

Is the number temporary or do you think you'll grow to like it?

"It's temporary."

How has practice been and how is the a-back position?

"Practice has been going great. It's come a little slow because Coach is trying to work his top guys right now. Of course, I have to sit out. Reps are hard to get to, but I'm starting to pick it up. It's a lot of cut blocking but it's something I strive on doing. I can block, run, and catch the ball, so it's not a big deal. Offense is not too bad."

How has class been?

"Classes went well, they went great. It's just different being in Atlanta running around campus, but I've got the hang of it and now practice – I'm getting the hang of it. I'm really liking it a lot."

What does your class schedule look like?

"I'm taking Econ and Legal Studies – just the basics right now."

How's the work load for school? Any different than before?

"You really can't tell yet two weeks into it but we have a lot of reading to do but that comes with any school. So, it's not too bad."

Have you picked a major yet?

"I'm in management."

With two weeks into it, have you gotten a feel for the difference in tempo between the two schools?

"The tempo's the same to me, it's business-like. You come out here and take care of your business, help the team out and go out the next week and win the games."

How are they using you in practices right now?

"I'm playing tailback in the ‘I' on the scout team right now. When we started out they had set plays but as they went on, Coach Johnson came over and would just give us plays before each snap."

Chris' quarterback in high school at Henry County High was best friend Drew Little. Little was also recruited to Tech by the previous Head Coach Chan Gailey. Little was not an ideal fit for the new offense at GT when Coach Johnson arrived so he ended up going to Georgia State where he'll be quarterback for the inaugural football season for the Panthers in 2010. Like Chris, Drew has been featured a number of times in the past few years with interviews on the site.

With Georgia State playing Alabama a year from now, will you be giving any advanced scouting reports to your buddy Drew Little?

"Well, you know we played high school ball together, we're really close. He's like my brother, so I might have to eat lunch with him or dinner with him one night and talk to him about everything."

How's Drew doing?

"They don't play this year but he's actually doing great. If I'm not mistaken, they're having morning practices over there, so he has to get up pretty early and he's not used to that. But he's doing well. The coaches say he's doing good and I talk to him every night."

You've filled out a good bit since you were first on campus. How much weight did you put on over there?

"I want to say I went in between 185, 190. I'm here at 205, 207. Next year I want to play around 195."

How about the speed?

"The speed is still the same. I don't time myself but I still do the off-season stuff."

Previously commits together in the Tech class of 2008, Steven Sylvester, B.J. Machen and Chris Jackson are reunited on the practice field. Top Stories