Ralph Cooper Names Early Leader

Fairfield Central High School, South Carolina linebacker Ralph Cooper had a busy summer attending three camps. One of those camps stood out in Ralph's mind. He talks about the camps and talks about a possible early leader.

Ralph Cooper - Profile

How has your season been so far?

"Right now we are 1-1 and have a bye week this week. Still, we feel that we will have a good season and we are excited about our season."

What position do you play on the football team?

"I mainly play linebacker, predominantly in the middle on defense and I get to play on the offensive line some."

What are your current measurables?

"I am 6' 1 ½" and weigh 215 pounds. The best 40 I have is a 4.7."

What do you feel is best trait as a football player?

"Leadership is my best trait. I can rally my teammates to help the team be the best we can be."

What do you feel you need to improve on?

"That is easy to me. I need to improve in everything. I want to be the best player I can and if I improve in each area, I can become a better player and that is something that will benefit the team and not just me."

Have you been hearing from schools early in your recruitment?

"Yes sir, I have. I have heard from Georgia Tech, Clemson, and South Carolina the most. I went to summer camps at those three schools. I have had some questionnaires sent to me from Vanderbilt and North Carolina State too."

Of the three camps you went to, which one did you like the best?

"Georgia Tech by far was the best camp for me. I liked the other two but Georgia Tech was special."

What made Georgia Tech stand out from Clemson and South Carolina?

"The atmosphere, the coaches, and the way they ran the camp put Tech above the others. The atmosphere was awesome as Tech, it just felt better there. Plus, the coaches at Tech are down to earth and really connect with the players. You can tell that each coach knew what they were doing. Coach Johnson is a great coach and he knows his football. Coach BJ (Brian Jean-Mary) is a fantastic coach. I know he could make me the best player I can be if he was my position coach. I know he has coached some very good linebackers over the years and he definitely knows his football. I really enjoyed working with him a lot. One other thing is Tech is close by, only about a 3 or so hour drive for me and my family."

So it seems like Tech is an early leader for you?

"You could say that. I plan on being there this weekend to watch them play in their opener."

Dale's Take:

Ralph was very upbeat about his camp at Georgia Tech. He feels like he connected with the Georgia Tech coaches and he really likes Coach Brian Jean-Mary a lot. The fact that Tech is a relatively close college is a plus too with him. He knows he has a long recruiting period in front of him but Georgia Tech has made a very good early impression on him after visiting three big schools in Georgia Tech, Clemson, and South Carolina. Ralph knows the history of Tech's linebacking tradition and he likes that very much.

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