Coach Brian Jean-Mary Postgame comments

Coach Brian Jean-Mary talked to about the linebacker play in Tech's win over Jacksonville State. Coach BJ talked about the play of Julian Burnett and what the added depth can do to improve the team's defense.

Two linebackers led the team in tackles today. How does that make you feel about the linebacker play?

"It makes me feel good. You always want to make sure those guys are taking care of their gaps and not letting it get to the third level of the defense. Certain defenses call for secondary guys to make tackles but I think on most good defenses the linebackers should be the first line of defense to stop the gaps."

Brad had some knockdowns today. Is that something you teach?

"We'd like him to intercept those. If you can get two hands on those it should be a turnover. We're happy that it's closer probably to plays he would have made last year but we'd like to make those plays when we have the opportunity to turn the game around. It's positive but we want to make sure that we get better and turn the ball back over to our offense."

What did you feel about the play of Julian today?

"He played well. I was just looking at the stat sheet. It said he made five unassisted tackles and four assisted tackles. That's a big time performance for any linebacker. We feel good about that. We have to watch to see if he made the right play to make the tackles. It was real positive to watch him go out there and run around."

Will that now make it a temptation to substitute more?

"It's always a temptation in the back of your mind. If you can substitute and not have any drop off that's the best case scenario. You can keep guys fresher through four quarters. Obviously, if the production is the same or better, we're going to play the best guys and hopefully we can play two guys at the position to make us better as a team."

I guess anytime you can improve your depth that is a good thing?

"That's a great thing. You never know in football. It's the survival of the fittest and you never know what is going to happen from one play to the next and from one game to the next. If you feel you have depth and it's not a drop off when you can substitute a player that makes you a better defense. If we have confidence in those guys it makes you a better play caller. You don't have to worry about how you call a defense because there's a different person in the lineup."

Did you call the blitz very often today?

"A lot of it was dictated off of what alignment they used and some of the formations that they used. A lot of their passing is a three step passing game trying to get the ball out pretty quick. We didn't have the opportunity to blitz like we would have liked. Because of that we played a lot of coverage and we feel we got some decent pressure from our defensive line. If you can get pressure with a four man pass rush, you can sit back there and play coverage. It was a give and take but they dictated that we didn't pressure a lot because they didn't have five step passing. Top Stories