Burnetts Shine on Defense

Leading into the Jacksonville State opener most fans knew that one of the Burnetts would shine, but they didn't know what to expect from the other when he got on the field. Morgan and Julian Burnett comment on their opening performances.


"How did it feel to get out there today?

"It felt good. It felt a little like high school but it's a faster game and a lot better competition. I just went out there and played the game like they taught me to play."

How prepared were you to go out there and play today?

"I feel that for the most part, I was prepared. I was a little nervous but for the most part I was prepared."

How does it feel that the coach wishes the other players played with your intensity?

"That makes me feel good. I was given the opportunity to play, and I didn't want to lose that. I wanted to put all I had into it."

Were you thinking a lot out there or was it all reaction?

"It was all reaction. You don't want to think too much or you'll mess up. I think I was put in the right place."


It seems like on the interception you got a good break on the ball?

"Yeah, I just saw the receiver make his break and I tried to beat the receiver to the ball and that's what I did."

The linebackers and secondary got a lot of knockdowns but missed some chances on interceptions.

"The guys did a good job of being where they were supposed to be on certain plays. The linebackers and d-line did an excellent job out there today."

What did you think of Julian Burnett's debut today?

"To me, he didn't seem like a freshman out there. He seemed more mature like he had been in this situation before. He was relaxed for a freshman. He went out there and made some plays and some tackles."

Coach commented on the lack of intensity. Will this lead to rough practices leading up to the Clemson game?

"I think the guys know what time it is coming up, and they know what team is coming in. The guys are already excited about that. We know we have to turn the tempo up a lot."

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