Cooper Visits the Jackets

Fairfield Central linebacker Ralph Cooper made a visit to Atlanta Saturday to see Georgia Tech open the season against Jacksonville State. Ralph made the trip with a few of his teammates and his head coach. Ralph talked about the trip and whether or not he left with an offer.

Did you enjoy your trip to Atlanta?

Yes sir I sure did. It was an awesome trip. The atmosphere there was great and I really like the Georgia Tech fans. They made us feel real special and I liked that a lot."

What did you get to do while you were there?

We got a tour of the weight room, locker room, and got a chance to get out on the field with the players. We talked and interacted with the players both before and after the game. I got a chance to talk with Sed Griffin a lot and I like him a lot. He had great things to say about Georgia Tech and Coach Brian Jean-Mary who would be my position coach if I went to Tech. I really liked Yellow Jacket Alley a lot and the pregame speech by Derrick Moore was fantastic. I spoke with Coach BJ and Coach Johnson too."

What did Coach BJ have to say to you?

"He said he was definitely going to keep in touch with me. He will be coming to some of my games and will talk to me on the phone when it is allowable by the NCAA. He also gave me material on the SAT and ACT and the NCAA clearinghouse to get me ready for my recruiting and what is expected of me academic wise for college. He said keep on doing what I am doing now because he likes what he sees of me. I also got a verbal offer from Georgia Tech and Coach BJ said that I should be expecting a written offer too."

Do you feel you would fit into the defense at Georgia Tech?

"Yes sir I sure do. After watching the game, I know I would love to be a linebacker in their defense. Sed and the rest of the linebackers are very good and play with a lot of intensity and I feel I could come in and Coach BJ would have me up to playing like them with hard work on my part. I love the defense. The speed and tempo they play with at Tech is very good and I like that a lot."

Who do you play next?

We take on Newberry who isn't in our region but we should be able to take care of business against them."

How do you feel your high school season will shape up?

"I feel we will be a very good team. We have a lot of good players on both offense and defense and we feel we have what it takes to take it the state title game in our classification. We are trying for that state title as best as we can."

Do you have any other games or schools you will visit in the near future?

"No sir not right now I don't but I am pretty sure I am going to make it to Tech games in the future. I really like the school, campus, and the way they play there. I am definitely shooting at making it to more games in Atlanta."

Dale's Take:Ralph came away from his visit to Georgia Tech with a very good impression. Going into this visit, he had Georgia Tech as a school that was his leader and this visit pretty much re-affirmed that. He likes Coach Brian Jean-Mary a lot and both Coach Johnson and the team Chaplain, Derrick Moore made very good impressions on him. Top Stories