Kareem Martin To Decide After Season Is Over

Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina defensive end Kareem Martin has begun to set up his official visits. Kareem has made plans for three of those visits and will take the remaining two after the season. Martin spoke with GoJackets.com about those five schools and a possible time period for making his decision.

Kareem Martin - Profile

How has your high school season progressing?

"We are doing pretty well as we are 2-1 right now. Through some injuries, I had to play some middle linebacker the last game. While it was tough to start off, as the game progressed I was able to get the hang of playing there. I still play defensive end, but the injuries to some players on defense forced the coach to play me at middle linebacker."

Since we last spoke have there been any changes or movement in the top five schools you are considering?

"No sir, not really. They are still the same since we last spoke. I still have the same five schools, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, Virginia Tech, Duke and Clemson as my top five. All are pretty much even right now with none of them a clear leader for me. The one thing that has changed is that I have set up three official dates to three of the schools I am considering."

Which of the three will get an official visit and what dates will they happen?

"Right now, the three schools are Georgia Tech, Duke, and Clemson. I will go to Georgia Tech on September 19th to watch them play North Carolina and get a tour of the campus and all. On the 17th of October I will go to Clemson and watch their game against Wake Forest. Finally, on October 23rd I will go to Duke and watch their game with Maryland."

What about North Carolina and Virginia Tech, any dates set up for them?

"I'm not sure exactly when I will visit them, but it will be after my high school season is over. The other three schools I could fit into my schedule but those two I couldn't. I will make official visits to them after my season ends."

Did you get a chance to see any of the first games of the season of the five schools you are considering?

"I watched North Carolina beat the Citadel. I know that Georgia Tech and Clemson won big and that Duke lost to Richmond. I watched the highlights of the Virginia Tech and Alabama game. There were a couple of surprises in there."

Since you have set up some official visits, does that change your time table for you making a decision on a school?

"No sir I am pretty much set on waiting until my season is over. I know it will be closer to my season's end than it will be to signing day. Basically I will make my decision in that period of time. I know I won't wait until signing day. With them being pretty much even in my eyes I know I will need the time to make a choice but I can't see myself waiting too long after my season ends to make that decision."

Have your factors for making your decision changed or stayed the same?

"They are still the same. Education comes first for me. There has to be a stable and good coaching staff. Finally, I want the school I choose to be one that I really feel comfortable when I am there. That is basically what I am looking for in a school right now."

Dale's Take:

Kareem was his usual self, very polite and well spoken. He knows what he wants and what he is looking for in a school. Originally he wanted to have his recruitment over before he started school in late August but all five schools have so much to offer that he has had to push his decision back to after his season is over. Right now he is playing his recruitment very close to the vest so don't look for much change in his top five or any of them dropping out at this time. He said he knows he needs to get more insight on each school so his decision he makes is the best one for him.

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