Interview with Clemson DE Ricky Sapp

While attending the ACC kickoff, had a chance to get some thoughts from Clemson defensive end Ricky Sapp about the upcoming season, the Spiller for Heisman campaign, and he tells everyone about the one team that Clemson has circled on their schedule this season.

Ricky Sapp - Profile

Where is your Heisman poster?

"We have one. That's good enough."

What was everyone's reaction when they saw that?

"We decided that with a player like CJ on the field everyone recognizes that he's our fella."

What has been the reaction from other players in the room especially defensive guys?

"They know how special he is and what kind of player he is so to see that they go oh well he's got his own poster. He deserves it."

Have things settled down after all the upheaval last season and what are you guys trying to accomplish this season?

"I think this year we're looking to come back and fill up the bank. Last year we lost a lot of games and missed some opportunities. This year we're planning on being good."

Are there any games you're pointing for this coming season that may have slipped away last year?

"Georgia Tech"

What do you have to do to turn those kinds of games around this year?

"I think we have to keep a whole different attitude this year. We have to take it game by game and work hard every week."

What is Coach Swinney like now that he's in charge? Do you see any changes in him?

"I think he's the same. When he was interim coach and now as the head coach, he's all about doing everything right." Top Stories