Joe Morgan Visits The Flats

Fairfield Central running back Joe Morgan made the trip to Atlanta for the Georgia Tech – Jacksonville State game along with Ronald Cooper and his coach. Joe talked about the trip and what the future holds for him with recruiting.

Joe Morgan - Profile

I understand you came down with your Coach and teammate Ralph Cooper?

"Yes sir, I did. A few of us made the trip to Georgia Tech to check out the team and the campus. I really enjoyed the trip a lot."

What did you get a chance to do while you were there?

"We toured the athletic facilities. I really loved the weight room a lot. It is set up real good and everything there is top notch. We also toured the locker rooms and interacted with the players. I really liked talking with the players as they are all great guys. We got to hear the pregame speech by Chaplain Derrick Moore. After he spoke I was ready to suit up and got out and play. He is a great speaker and motivator."

Did you get a chance to talk with any of the coaches?

"Yes sir, I did. Coach Johnson wants me to send in game film so he can evaluate me better. He said he likes me, but he wants to see more of me in action."

What did you think of the campus?

"It is a very good campus. I love the setting in a big town but it gives you that small town feeling when you are on campus. The facilities are great."

What else did you like about the trip?

"The fans are great. We went to Yellow Jacket Alley and the fans treated the recruits just like we were a part of the team. You can't ask for more than that. Georgia Tech has some special fans and you can tell the players really appreciate the support that they give them."

How do you feel your high school will do this year?

"I feel that we have a great chance to play for the state title and that is what we are shooting for as a team."

What are your current measurables?

"I am 5' 8" and weigh 168 pounds. I have run a 4.4 forty."

As a player, what do you feel is your best trait?

"I feel that I have great vision and speed as a running back."

What do you feel you need to work on a player?

"I feel that I need to work on my blocking as it is different in college than we can do in high school. If we cut block, we will get flagged by the refs."

Dale's Take:

Joe Morgan had the same physical traits as the famous Joe Morgan of baseball. He is small but you can tell he is built and is a football player. Joe really enjoyed his trip to Atlanta and looks forward to coming back. He says he is ready for the recruiting season to start for him and is excited about the opportunities that are in front of him and he is looking to make the most out of his recruiting year. Top Stories