Big Ben Wants to "Prove Them Wrong"

Defensive tackle Ben Anderson has now completed two games in his first year as a starter for Georgia Tech. Ben talks about Clemson's offensive line, the exciting finish to the game and responds in a positive way to criticism from the fans.

Ben Anderson - Profile

How big was that win being from South Carolina?

"I talked to some of my friends before the game. They said good luck we want you to do good but we don't want you to win. I'll be able to go home with a big smile on my face"

What did the coaches have to say about your effort today?

"I feel I had a good game but there were points where they busted a big run. A few of those were on me. There are some things I have to work on but overall I think the coaches were pleased."

Was Clemson's offensive line a pretty strong unit?

"Yeah, they've got some big boys. They've got some good offensive linemen. They were real tough."

If playing a lot of snaps early in the season tiring?

Yeah, it's definitely tiring but Coach (Giff) Smith takes care of us and keeps us rolling. We have plenty of depth so that's good"

What was their offensive line trying to do against you?

"They were some big guys. A lot of their blocking schemes were zone. There was a lot of misdirection by the running back. He countered it. There were some plays where my guy would pull around and the running back would actually run where he was. It's hard to pick up on a lot of times."

What was it like playing against Spiller? You had the big tackle on him in the second half.

"I really didn't have to test my speed against him thank goodness. I saw him get the ball and I went flat down the line and made the play."

How satisfying was it for you and the defensive to go out there for the final series and not give up any ground?

"That was huge. We were all pleased with that. We were going crazy.

How big was the comeback after giving up the big lead and now having to go down to Miami?

"This is a big deal. It's something we really need to work on when we have it going for us and not let them get back in the game."

Can you explain the rough third quarters we've had in the first two games as opposed to the fast starts at the beginning of the game?

"Of course at the beginning of the game everybody is fired up to make plays. I don't know what it is about the third quarter. It's something we definitely need to work on though."

Going into Miami, how big was it for Scott Blair to have the game he did?

"It was huge. Going into Miami after a win is real big for our momentum right now."

What were you guys thinking when the offensive was making the last drive of the game?

"We were just praying that they'd make a play and just get into field goal range so that he could make the kick."

On the final field goal are you one of the guys that look away or do you watch the kick?

"I was definitely watching the kick. At first I thought it was going right but it came back in and my heart about stopped. Scott's a good kicker."

How about the crowd tonight? How big a factor were they?

"The crowd was great tonight. The whiteout was a hug success. The last minute of the game with the crowd jumping up and down was really motivating."

I know the defensive line face a lot of criticism from the fans after the opener. How satisfying was it to play the way you did?

"It was a big deal. We have a lot of doubters out there. They criticize me and Jason for being too small. The two of us are just fighting to make plays and prove them wrong." Top Stories