Bedford: Last Drive a Chance to "Redeem"

Going into Thursday night's game with Clemson, Georgia Tech center Sean Bedford knew he'd be in for a battle with Clemson's physical defensive line. Sean talks about that battle, the mood of the team on the last drive and the confidence they had in kicker Scott Blair to win the game for them.

Sean Bedford – Profile

What was your injury this evening?

"I was cramping at first. I also had a little hip injury but nothing too serious."

Bedford was attended to on the field for his injury during Thursday night's game against Clemson.

What was your assignment on Clemson's tackles?

"Mostly it was to take the nose guard and try to neutralize him. Also it was to try and get to the linebackers and set him up for the guard. Hats off to them - their big guys played well. They did a great job of plugging the middle. It was really a dog fight in the middle. We were clawing and scratching the whole time. I think we were fortunate to come out with a victory tonight."

Did you change your assignments in the fourth quarter?

"We changed things quite a bit. We made some in-game adjustments. I think it was critical to our success tonight."

What was the mood in the huddle on the last drive?

"Honestly I wouldn't say it was rushed or panicked or anything like that. I thought we were pretty calm and pretty cool. More than anything, we knew that if we took care of our responsibilities we could march down the field and set ourselves up to win. More than anything, I think we were optimistic. We let the team down in the third quarter as an offense. We didn't play our game. We played about as poorly as we could have. We looked at that last drive as an opportunity to redeem ourselves."

You've had some problems moving the ball in the third quarter. Anything you can put your fingers on for that happening?

"Both games have been similar in that we've had a pretty sizeable lead at halftime. I don't know if we're coming back a little too relaxed or what it is. We've got to correct that. We have to become a second half team."

How important was it for Anthony Allen to have a big game so the defenses can't key on Dwyer?

"I think it's huge. I think it says a lot about the depth at running back we have now at A Back and B Back. I think Jon played about all the snaps at B Back tonight. It helps take some of that pressure off him and Josh. That's huge. That just shows the many phases of this offense."

You also have Roddy Jones playing his first game and can now be a big part of the offense.

"Roddy had his first start back tonight. I don't know exactly how he did. I was on the ground blocking most of the time. I think Roddy is going to be a huge asset to this team."

What were the emotions on the sideline when Blair went out there to kick that last field goal?

"I think we were probably the same way as most of the fans in the stands. We had a lot of confidence in Scott. He came out and saved us and won the game for us. We all believed in him and we were just waiting for that ball to go through the uprights." Top Stories