Allen: "Any Back Can Have Their Day"

In a game that was billed as the battle between Jonathan Dwyer and C.J. Spiller, Georgia Tech running back Anthony Allen showed that there were more than just two top running backs in the game. Allen talks about the touchdown run, the leadership of Josh Nesbitt, and their ability to come back and win the game.

Anthony Allen – Profile

Describe what Clemson was doing on defense.

"When you play the triple option you read the keys and we did. They were playing the pitch they weren't playing the quarterback. They were playing Jon pretty hard. We do whatever Josh reads when he's out there."

Tell us about the run you had to start the game.

"It was wide open. As soon as I took the pitch, BayBay made a block and Nes made a good pitch. Man, I almost gave up on the ten yard line. My legs got tired but I put it in the end zone."

Why did that play work?

"It was just like the first play of the opener. Everything went perfectly. Everybody made their blocks and Josh made the right read."

What was the mood of the team when they kept coming back?

"Coach told us it was going to be a fight. Most teams when someone gets twenty seven unanswered points they put their heads down but we kept fighting them and came out with the win."

Was Josh showing a lot of leadership out there?

"Oh yeah, Josh is a leader out there. Josh goes 110 % and everyone tries to follow by going 110%.

How was Josh in the huddle when things weren't going well?

"He was calm in the huddle. You have to give it to them. Their defense made plays. Clemson is a good team."

This was billed as the battle of Dwyer and Spiller but you guys showed your depth at running back.

"Most definitely, they're headline players for each school but everyone knows our depth and any back can have their day. I think it showed tonight."

It seemed like the counter play worked well?

"Oh yeah, their defense is fast and when you get the middle linebacker and the safeties flowing up the counter is right there." Top Stories