Avery Walls Fitting in at Union Grove

After playing for Sandy Creek last season, defensive back Avery Walls is now playing for Union Grove. Walls talks about his new school, the schools that are recruiting him as he starts his junior year, and some visits he's made thus far.

Avery Walls – Profile

How has your season progressed so far?

"It has been very good. We've played real well so far. I am new to Union Grove. I transferred to Union Grove from Sandy Creek. My new teammates have made me feel welcome and I fit right in with them as they have accepted me as their teammate."

How have you played so far?

"I think I've played very good. I have four interceptions, one defensive touchdown, and one forced fumble. I play both sides of the ball. On defense I am a safety, which is my main position, and on offense I play wide receiver."

What are your measurables?

"I am 5'11" and weigh 185 pounds and have a forty time of 4.5."

How has your recruiting been thus far?

"I am hearing a lot from UCLA, Georgia Tech, Duke, Florida State, and South Carolina."

Have you been to any of these schools for visits or camps?

"Yes sir I have been to Georgia Tech and Florida State but I have also been to Oklahoma for a camp."

How did the Oklahoma camp go?

"It was great. I got there a day before the camp started and was able to look over the campus and talk with the coaches. It was very interesting. I went in thinking it was out in the middle of nowhere but when we got there it was completely different from what I thought. My parents liked the trip a lot. It was a wonderful experience. I could see myself playing there.

How about the camp at Georgia Tech?

"I liked it a lot. I participated in the first half of the camp and the coaches came over and told me they had seen enough that they thought I was a very good player, the type they were looking for. I really enjoyed my time there. I can see myself there too. I have lot of connections with Georgia Tech. Kyle Jackson, Stephen Sylvester, Chris Jackson are already there and teammate Anthony Williams and former teammate Isaiah Johnson are current commits to Georgia Tech so I have a lot of interest there. I was there for the Thursday night game. It was a real good game. I got a chance to see the end of it from the tunnel and got a chance to talk to some players while I was there."

How about the Florida State trip?

"It was a real good one. I got a chance to tour the stadium and talk with coaches and players before the camp started. I also got a chance to meet Coach Bowden before the camp."

Do you plan on some visits this fall to take in some games or unofficial visits?

"With the schedule the way it is I plan on trying to keep the visits to places pretty close to home. I plan on taking another Georgia Tech game and make some visits to Georgia, Duke, South Carolina, and Florida State."

I know it is early but do you have a top list of schools?

"To be honest, I am trying to keep it open and listen to schools that will give me a good education. I plan on majoring in business, entrepreneurship, or aviation. I am willing to listen to any school that can provide me a great academic experience. That is my very top priority in selecting a school."

Getting back to you as player, what do you consider your top trait as a player?

"I am very coachable and athletic. When I was at Sandy Creek I played a lot of positions due to my athletic ability. I really listen to the coaches and do what they ask of me so I can help the team in any way I can."

What do you think you need to work on before college?

"I need to learn how to run through tackles and to improve on my tackling. I can tackle but I need to learn how to make sure he goes down every time the first time I get him."

Dale's Take:
Avery is one those recruits that you can connect with when you talk with him. He was very polite and answers questions with a yes or no sir every time without a doubt. He knows what is in store for him and you can tell he is a very likeable person as the Union Grove players immediately took to him when he came over from Sandy Creek. Although just a junior, he has schools from all over the country looking at him and recruiting him hard. Look for an exciting recruitment for his services.

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