Coach Kelly Recaps Clemson and Looks to Miami

Secondary coach Charles Kelly takes a look back at some of the events from the Thursday night Clemson game and looks ahead to what the secondary needs to do against Miami. He also talks about his evaluation of how the special teams have performed thus far.

After watching the film of the Clemson game, what were your impressions of the secondary play?

"They gave up too many big plays. I was pretty pleased with the corners for the most part. We missed one tackle and J.T. (Jarrard Tarrant) let one guy get behind him on press coverage. Of course that was the one on the holding call. Another time he made a great play. I thought Mario (Butler) played pretty smart all night. We could have had a couple of other big plays. We were close to a couple of other interceptions. We have to understand that we can't give up big plays. That's something that we've been stressing all week now. We just have to be conscience of it."

How do Miami's receivers compare with Clemson?

"I think they have comparable ability. They have good speed. They can stretch the field vertically. Every team we play in this league has good speed. You can never misjudge that. That's the worst thing you can do is to go out there and say I can play this guy different because he might not look as fast on tape. Then they'll run by you."

Is it a concern that Jacory Harris has that scrambling ability?

"Yes it does because anytime a guy can scramble it buys time on the back end. Anytime a quarterback has good feet and can move around they have time to find open guys. It's hard to cover them forever. We've played quarterbacks like that before. I think Coach Wommack has a plan for that and we'll stick to it."

Are you looking to make any adjustments scheme wise or personnel wise?

"I don't think scheme wise. I don't think it was a scheme deal the other night. I think we had a couple of guys out of position but it's not a scheme thing. It's things that can be corrected. As far as personnel, I'll probably play Rashaad (Reid) a little more at the husky/wolf position and try to get Roderick Sweeting in some. I think he's gotten better and better. The biggest thing is if he can communicate on the calls. He's been doing a lot better in practice."

On the Spiller touchdown were you in man coverage?

"It was man coverage to the boundary. They ran a dink route with the X receiver which took our corner out of there and the safety had the back man to man. It was more technique than it was anything. I think we have that corrected. It happens so fast and you're out there by yourself that everybody in the stadium sees it."

Did you see an improvement on special teams?

"I know Coach (Jeff) Monken was happy with the return game. We still left some yards on the field that we felt we could get. Coach (Buzz) Preston talked about the kickoff return and some yards that we could have got out of that. A couple of times I thought Chandler (Anderson) had some pretty good punts. We were trying to down the ball inside the twenty. We weren't trying to boom it out of there. The one time we really wanted to crank the ball he got a really high snap and he had to get the ball off. He's getting a little more faster now that he's getting more comfortable. He can hit the ball. He's got a strong leg. He's got to get comfortable there."

"How crucial is the timing of the wedge on the kickoff?

"I know it's crucial because I've heard Coach (Paul) Johnson and Coach Preston talk about it. I'm not over there with that group. I'm usually over with the scout team. There's some timing deals and some spacing deals that they've been working hard this week to get straightened out."

They're satisfied with the returners?

Yes, with how they're running the ball and taking care of the ball, I don't think it has anything to do with scheme. I think it's a good scheme and I think it will work. We just have to get some things straightened out." Top Stories