TJ Stripling Pretty Solid?

TJ Stripling, one of the top recruits in the South, is committed to Georgia but recently took a local visit. TJ talks about the visit, the possibility of additional visits, and how his senior season is progressing.

How has your season been so far?

"It has been real good. We are 3-1 and looking real good. We lost our starting quarterback but we will be getting him back real soon so we should continue to roll on."

Does a state title look good for you and your Southwest DeKalb teammates?

"It sure does. We have a good team and will be looking to finish out the year as state champions."

How did your team do against MLK and Mack Brown?

"It was a tough defensive game. We held Mack to about sixty yards."

How do you feel you have played so far this season?

"I think I've done a good job. I am tied for the team lead in sacks with six and have been in on a lot of tackles. My season is shaping up pretty good."

How has your recruiting been so far?

"Well I am a commit to Georgia and went to their game this past weekend. They held on to win in a very close game. It was an exciting game."

There have been stories of you going to the Georgia Tech game on Thursday night, is this true and what did you think of the game?

"Yes sir I went over to Georgia Tech on Thursday. Adrian Hubbard who is a good friend of mine went over there as he is looking at them and I went with him. We liked the game a lot. Georgia Tech jumped out to a big first half lead. They have a great team that will get better as the season goes on. Adrian and I had to leave at half time though. Still the game was great and we had a great time there."

Are you solid with your commit to Georgia?

"Yes sir I am pretty solid to Georgia at this time."

Do you plan on making any mire visits this year?

"I will probably take visits to see Florida, Ohio State, and Tennessee play some games. Those are some places I would likely go and see. My defensive back coach is helping me with my recruiting and if he sets up some visits I will make them."

Dale's Take: TJ is one of the recruits that any coach would love to have. He is very polite and thanked me for interviewing him and always answered with a yes sir or no sir answer. Look for more from TJ as the recruiting year heats up. Top Stories