New Offer for Lee?

Apalachee High School running back Jon Lee has just received a new offer. Lee talked about that offer, the possibility of additional offers, and Jon talks about the start of his senior season in his conversation with

Jon Lee - Profile

How has your high school season been thus far?

"We are off to a great start. We are 2-0 and have won big in both games. My stats aren't what you'd expect them to be because of the big wins as we played a lot of players in both games. With the way the season is going, we are looking for a state title to end the year."

Who do you play in your next game?

"We play Clarke Central which I guess you would call our biggest rival and biggest game of the year. The winner of this game will be the front runners for the region title and a big edge going into the state playoffs."

What's new with recruiting?

"I just picked up an offer from Navy to go along with an offer from Air Force and a few division 1-AA schools. I feel some more offers will be coming as the season progresses and I have more highlight film to send out."

Who has been recruiting you the hardest lately?

"Right now Navy, Air Force, and Middle Tennessee have been recruiting me very hard."

At one time, there was talk of you and Georgia Tech and maybe an offer coming from the Yellow Jackets. How does that look at this time?

"I've talked with Coach Monken a god bit and he says that they have to see how many offers they will have by the end of the season. Right now they have less than half of what they normally would have for a year. Coach Monken and the entire staff at Georgia Tech have been great to me. They have been completely upfront with me and very fair. I fully understand the situation they are in. In fact, Coach Monken told me that he has put in a good word for me with the Navy coaches in case Georgia Tech doesn't have enough offers to give out to all the players they want for this year."

If Georgia Tech does have an offer for you, where would that put them in your recruiting?

"Oh that would put them way up there. I have always liked Georgia Tech a lot and the fact they have treated me so good makes them even more appealing to me. They have a great staff and great players over there. It would be great to play for them."

Have you set up any of your officials for this year?

"I plan on going to Navy and Air Force after my season is over and hopefully add a few more."

Do you plan on making any games to any schools this year?

"I hope to and really plan on going to some games. It all depends on how things fall with my football schedule this year."

Dale's Take:
Jon was extremely happy with the Navy offer. He really appreciates what Coach Monken has done for him and still hopes for an offer from Georgia Tech. He fully understands that Georgia Tech is in a numbers game this year and is hoping an offer will come his way but understands if it doesn't. Jon knows how the recruiting game works and holds no hard feeling towards Georgia Tech at all if one doesn't come his way. Top Stories