Logan Walls Talks Defense

Dawsonville tackle Logan Walls had starting as one of his goals as he prepared for the start of the season. Logan talks about his preparation for that first start, the team's rotation at tackle, and the effect the opening stretch of games had on the team physically.

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How was it this week preparing for the game as a starter?

"I kinda approached it the same this week because we've been on a three play rotation. We kept going over all their sets. I guess the preparation was about the same but maybe a little more mental than it has been but not much. It's pretty much approach every game about the same."

When we talked in the preseason, one of your goals was to become a starter. How satisfying was it to get that start?

"It was really satisfying. You play football your whole life and this is division one football and you work so hard to get this chance."

You held them to seventeen yards rushing today. Did simplifying the play calls help a lot?

"I would think so because I felt everybody was lined up where they should be. The rotation at defensive tackle helped too. It keeps us fresh so that we can keep going."

After North Carolina scored on a one minute drive, how big was it for the offense to go out there and control the ball for over eight minutes and then score?

"It was huge. Not only did it give us rest but it put us up by another touchdown. It didn't necessarily make us relax but it let us know that they were going to be passing the ball just about every time. It gave us more knowledge of what was coming."

Jonathan Dwyer mentioned that Derrick Moore gave one of his great speeches before the game. How did that affect you guys?

"He told us that we had to be accountable. That helped the defense have a good game. He said that if you are accountable for your own assignment, then everything will be alright."

You had a stretch in the beginning of the year where you had very little time between games. How did you feel physically before this game as compared to the Miami game?

"I felt pretty good. You just eat right and prepare yourself. You drink a lot of fluids. I guess the legs weren't as tired in the fourth quarter. It was still about the same in the beginning."

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