Kareem Martin Checks Out GT

Roanoke Rapids defensive end Kareem Martin visited Georgia Tech for their game with North Carolina this past weekend. Kareem has had the same five schools as his leaders for the past month. Kareem talked about how the Tech visit went and if it had any effect on his recruitment.

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How did the visit to Georgia Tech go this past weekend?

It went really well. I had a great time while I was in Atlanta and really enjoyed myself while I was down there."

What did you get to do on Saturday?

"I experienced Yellow Jacket Alley and it really surprised me about the fans. I thought that there weren't that many fans but when I got there the place had a lot of fans that were great people. A lot of them recognized me when we (recruits) were walking with the players. Those fans made me feel real good. I also got a chance to hang out with Izaan Cross who was my host. Other players I got a chance to meet and hang out with were Daniel Drummond and current commit Denzel McCoy. It was real fun hanging out with those guys."

Have you made a friendship with Denzel McCoy? I know he talks with a lot of recruits about coming to Georgia Tech.

"We meet on Facebook and have struck up a good friendship from there. We talk a good bit and text some too. He likes Georgia Tech a lot and wants to get as many good players to come in with him. He talked about Tech a lot with me."

Did you get a chance to talk and meet with the coaches while you were there?

"Yes sir I sure did. I talked with the coaches about the defense and how they play their schemes. They told me that I would be a great fit for their style and I could tell that they genuinely want me to come to Georgia Tech and play for them. They didn't pressure me in to trying to commit, just showed me how much they wanted me and how well I would fit into their building plans on defense. They also talked about academics and more in depth about the School of Management. They showed me a report of how many players and regular students go on to get great jobs out of the School of Management. I also saw the sign about 1 out of every 6 Georgia Tech graduates go on to become millionaires. That is nice."

What did you think of the game as you are considering both Georgia Tech and North Carolina?

"It was a great game. Tech really dominated both sides of the ball. Their defense shut down the North Carolina offense. Tech's offense did what they were supposed to do, control the ball and put points on the board. I mean they held the ball for over forty minutes for the game. That is an awesome stat."

Did this game help out Tech in recruiting you?

"Yes sir it did. It helped them out some. I mean I learned a lot of good things about the school from all aspects, academically, athletically, and socially. It was an extremely good visit. I will say that it didn't hurt North Carolina despite the fact they lost it just helped Georgia Tech out more so."

Did this visit set the bar high for the other schools left on your list?

"Yes sir, I learned a lot about Georgia Tech that I didn't know and liked what I learned. The fans are great. The players all get along and made the recruits feel right at home and the coaches you can tell are ones that know what they are doing and will make you a better player and have the best interests of the players also."

What is next on your agenda?

"I have an official visit to Duke on October 23rd and one to Clemson on October 17th when they play Wake Forest. Other than that I will try to take in a few games unofficially where and when I can."

After this visit has your top five changed any?

"No sir I can't say that is has because I haven't made any real official visits to any schools other than Georgia Tech. I want to make some visits and compare to be fair to myself and all the schools am looking at right now. After more visits, you probably see some movement on the schools in my top five."

How about your high school season, how is that coming along?

"Right now we are 3-3 but are 1-0 in region play. We beat the team that was projected to win our region this past Friday night so we have a good outlook on the remaining games on our schedule as they are ones in region play now."

How about you, how do you feel you are playing?

"I think I am doing pretty well. Injuries forced me to play some middle linebacker and it took me a game to get the feel of that as there are a lot of different reads and keys playing linebacker compared to playing on the defensive line. The past couple of games I've gotten back on the line and back to where I am better suited to play."

Dale's Take:
Kareem had a good time in Atlanta. You could tell it in voice that he really did enjoy his time at Georgia Tech. Still he is sticking to his guns and will make more visits to the other schools on his list so he will be sure once he makes his decision it is the right choice for him as once he makes his decision his recruiting process is over.

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