Anthony Egbuniwe Talks About First Start

After transferring from Tulsa and sitting out a year, defensive end Anthony Egbuniwe saw his first action last season as a backup. Anthony entered the 2009 season as the primary backup at defensive end but an injury to Robert Hall changed all that. Anthony gives his thoughts on his first start at Georgia Tech.

Anthony Egbuniwe - Profile

Going into the week you knew you were going to be starting. How did that affect your mindset for the game?

"I just knew that as a defense we just had to go hard and be accountable for every play and every position. To just go hard was my mindset for the week."

I noticed that when you're on the field you're one of the vocal guys out there. Does that get you and your teammates fired up?

"It definitely does."

Tell me a little about the sack.

"It felt good. I was praying before that play for God to give me strength to go out there and finish out and he did. Me and D Morg got back there and made the play."

Knowing the criticism you guys have taken, how big was it to go out there and hold them to eight total yards in the first quarter?

"It was good. Everybody was accountable for their position. We went out there and did our job. It was great."

I guess the offense having a big edge in time of possession really helped especially after you guys were on the field for most of the Miami game?

"It did. Our offense did a great job today. They stayed on the field and pushed the ball. All the credit goes to them."

Izaan is now backing up you and Derrick Morgan. How did he look out there today?

"He looked good. Izaan is going to be a good player for Georgia Tech if he keeps coming to practice and working hard."

I guess this game means even more with three new starters being out there today? Did it make it easier with the defense not as complicated as before?

It was. It allowed us to go out there and play fast. Having it simplified allowed us to go full speed."

Have you had a chance to see Mississippi State yet? Have you seen them on TV?

"They've been on TV. Our focus every week is the team we're playing. Next week we play Mississippi State so now it's time to get ready for them."

Mississippi State likes to run the ball. Is that the type of team you like to go up against?

"Whatever teams we go against we're going to be ready. We just need to go out there and do our job, like I said, and the rest will take care of itself." Top Stories