James Vaughters Making Visits

Tucker High School middle linebacker James Vaughters is being pursued by many schools across the country. As his list of offers continues to grow, he has taken in several games over the past few weeks.

James wasn't available to talk so gojackets.com talked with his dad to find out about his recruitment.

James Vaughters – Profile

How has James and Tucker's season been so far?

"We lost our first game of the season and stand 4-1 right now. With them being the defending state champs, they are going back to see what they can do to defend that title and win it this year too. James has played very well. He has moved back to middle linebacker after playing defensive end last year. Being 6'2" and 220 pounds, that is his more natural position. He runs a 4.6 forty so that plays into the position favorably too."

Can you tell me about how James as a player?

"James has good lateral speed and good game speed. He also understands the defensive schemes and plays very well. He can diagnose plays from his middle linebacker position very well too. He has sound fundamentals as a player and has great technique as a player."

How is he in the class room?

"He carries a 4.0 GPA and he takes care of his academics."

How about his recruiting? How many offers does he have?

"He has eighteen or nineteen offers right."

Which schools have offered him?

"Georgia Tech, Georgia, Florida, Southern California, Stanford, Ohio State, Tennessee, Alabama, Auburn, Oklahoma, Clemson, South Carolina, Mississippi, Mississippi State, Miami, North Carolina, Virginia Tech, North Carolina State, and Duke are schools that have sent him written offers so far."

Does James have a leader at this point?

"Right now James is looking at all the schools and is pretty wide open at this time. He is early in his recruiting so it will be a while before he can name a leader."

Have you and James been to any games this year?

"Yes we have been to a few so far. We saw Ohio State and Southern Cal play. We also saw Georgia Tech beat North Carolina and we just got home from watching the LSU and Georgia game."

Do you plan on seeing any other games this year?

"Right now we are planning on going to see the Florida and Arkansas game. Also, we want to go out to Southern California for a game as well as Stanford."

Dale's Take:
While James wasn't there to do an interview, his dad has some very valuable information to share. From the looks of the offers and games he has been too this year, James is a highly sought after middle linebacker. Stay tuned for news on James as this will be a recruit that is followed by many schools across the country.

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