Watts Dantzler Staying Busy

Dalton High School offensive tackle Watts Dantzler is being pursued by just about every school in the ACC and SEC. The 6'7", 300-pound Watts talked about those schools and tells about how his season is progressing for Dalton High School.

Watts Dantzler - Profile

What are your current measurables?

"I am 6' 7" and weigh 300 pounds. I ran a 5.15 timed forty at a Scout.com combine."

How is Dalton High School doing this year?

"We are doing pretty well. We were 1-1 to start out the season and then won three straight. We lost last Friday to one of the power houses in our region. Still, we are hoping to win out and make a strong run in the playoffs for the state title."

As an offensive lineman, do you have a preference of playing guard, tackle, or left or right side?

"I play tackle and it really doesn't matter which side of the ball I play on. I can come out of left handed or right handed stance equally well. We have a strong side and weak side in our system so I line up on either side a lot."

How about your recruiting; what schools are recruiting you the hardest?

"I am getting letters and calls from almost all of the ACC and SEC schools. Georgia, Georgia Tech, Auburn, Tennessee, North Carolina State, Clemson, North Carolina are a few that have been in contact with me a lot."

I know it is early but do you have a leader at this point?

"No sir, not yet as I am pretty wide open right now. What I am doing is going to different schools on visits and I am making mental notes on each school while I am there. I'm trying to see as many schools as possible before I start making a list of which schools are my favorites."

How many offers do you have right now?

"I have 12 offers. Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, North Carolina State, Clemson, Auburn, Tennessee, Duke, Vanderbilt, Stanford, Maryland, and Miami are my offers so far."

Have you been to any games this year?

Yes sir I have. I have been to games at Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Georgia Tech, Georgia, and Auburn."

Do you plan on making any other games this year?

"I hope to take in a few more. Ones that I know I'd like to go to are the Iron Bowl and a game at South Carolina. I was at a camp at South Carolina and I liked what I saw and I'd like to see a game this year. I think though that this weekend I will take some time off and stay at home for a change. Maybe rest up some as it has been a pretty hectic pace so far this year."

Dale's Take:
Watts is going into his recruiting process wide open. He wants to see as much as he can and takes notes on each school while he there for visits. He is clearly a talented player judging by the offers he's received his junior year. This is one recruiting process that will be interesting to watch unfold.

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