Nesbitt and Thomas Power GT Offense

Quarterback Josh Nesbitt and wide receiver Demaryius Thomas both had career games in leading Georgia Tech to a 42-31 win over Mississippi State Saturday night. Josh and Bay Bay both spoke about their performances Saturday night.

Josh Nesbitt

Last week Josh Nesbitt had his first success of the season with the passing game. Saturday he built on that success and threw for a career high 266 yards in the win over Mississippi State. After the game, Josh talked about some of the reasons for that success and where he's at now with his confidence level.

How did it feel to throw for 266 yards?

"I'm just grateful for the win."

Do you feel this is the best pass performance you've had?

"Without a doubt yes. I think I took care of the ball very well and placed it where I needed to place it. It helped the team come out with a victory."

Can you talk a little about Bay Bay (Demaryius Thomas) and his performance tonight?

"Week in and week out he's always coming up big for us. He's a great addition to the team."

How important is it to have someone like Stephen Hill to take some of the pressure off of Bay Bay?

"It's always important because once they start worrying about Bay Bay, we have Stephen and now when they start worrying about Stephen we can open it up for the A Backs for a few passes."

What was different about tonight? Was it something they were doing or something we were doing?

"I guess we kept them on their toes with the run and went over the top with the pass. They didn't know what to expect."

With your passing the past two weeks, is your confidence at an all-time high?

"Yeah, I would say it's pretty high. I just want to go out and run the play the right way and take care of the ball and we'll be successful."

It seemed like you got everyone involved tonight. Everyone was getting touches.

"As long as we're balanced, the defense has to stay honest. We're balanced with the run and the pass and they don't know who's getting the ball. They can't cheat one way or the other when everyone is getting the ball."

Demaryius Thomas

Do you feel this was Tech's best offensive performance combining both the pass and the run?

"We could have played a lot better. We had a lot of mistakes. We could have passed and run the ball better. We have to go back and watch the film and see the mistakes we made."

Did your eyes light up when you saw the one-on-one coverage out there tonight?

"Yeah, I had to tell the coach a couple of times that they're playing man to man (laughter). He gave me a chance to make a play and I made a play."

Did that give you a chance to show your moves?

"Yeah it did. I don't have many moves (more laugher). I did what I had to do."

Was this the type of passing game that Coach (Paul) Johnson has said that we're going to see?

"I guess, I don't really know. I guess he still has some things up his sleeve. I'm just waiting to see. It was a very good game tonight and we did well passing the ball."

Can you talk about Stephen (Hill) tonight and his performance?

"Stephen is a great athlete. I've been working with Stephen a little bit and he did what he was supposed to do tonight. He made some good plays."

Does it help to have somebody else step up?

"It helps a lot actually. It helps the offense and it takes away the double team. Now coach knows he has two playmakers and he can throw to either one of us."

Can you talk about Josh's versatility and how that changes the offense?

"It changes the offense. Josh is a very good athlete. He can run and throw the ball. He can sit back and throw the ball. He's just a great athlete."

The third down conversion rate has picked up the past few games. You must have a lot of confidence now on third down?

"We do. We have to if we want to win some games. We have a lot of confidence and we go over that a lot in practice. We've been doing very well lately and I'm happy with that."

How do you think teams will approach you now that they've seen what you're doing with the passing game?

"I don't know. They're going to have to go with the passing game and the running game. It's going to be a lot harder once we get our running game down pat and we have more nights like this passing. It's going to be hard." Top Stories