Post-Game Interview With Sedric Griffin

Following the Mississippi State game senior linebacker Sedric Griffin talked about how big the turnovers were in determining the outcome of the game and gave his thoughts on how the defense played.

What was your impression of Mississippi State's option offense?

"They ran the option very well. Somehow we forgot what the option looked like (laughter). We missed a few assignments and made some corrections in the locker room at halftime and got them corrected and caused a few fumbles; especially the big one down near the goal line. I think that was (Anthony) Egbuniwe that caused that one."

Where you trying to strip the ball down near the goal line?

"We were trying to strip and we got the bounces. You put a helmet on the ball and it comes out sometimes."

How different was what they were running and what you saw in practice everyday in the spring and preseason?

"Nothing different except it was out of the shotgun; that was basically it. You have a lot of two point stance blockers instead of people diving at your legs. That was about the only difference."

It seemed like there were a lot of missed tackles out there tonight?

Yeah, we tend to be our own worse enemy sometimes. Instead of keeping our head up and breaking our feet down and making the sure tackle we try to make the big hit. That gets you in trouble a lot of times. We're going to go back Monday and correct that and hopefully we'll be ready for Florida State."

How did (Anthony) Dixon compare with some of the other running backs you've faced this season?

"Dixon reminded me a lot of Anthony Allen. He's a big, strong, physical runner. He also has the speed to take it the distance. He's a very very good back and a very physical back."

I guess he's a back that you can't afford to tackle high?

Yeah, basically you have to be crazy like me to want to tackle him up high." Top Stories