A Talk with Chris Conley

North Paulding High School's Christian (Chris) Conley has been playing on both sides of the ball this season. The standout junior talks about which position he prefers, what he's looking for in a school and talks about the schools he's hearing from this early in his recruitment.

What are you current measurables?

"I am 6' 2 1/2" and weigh 185 pounds and have run a 4.4 forty time. Last year my vertical jump was 30 ½ inches."

What positions do you play on North Paulding?

"I am a wide receiver on offense and play free safety on defense. I prefer wide receiver. That is where I am projected to play in college."

How has your high school been so far this year?

"We started off real slow as we are a school in transition. We don't have a senior class so we have to have a lot players step up and give leadership roles until we can become an established program. Right now we stand 3-3. We have been getting better as the season goes on. Everything is looking up for us right now and we are a team that is ready to work to keep on improving."

As a player, how do you feel you are doing?

"I am playing a lot better than last year just from growing up and learning about playing. I concentrate a lot on running my pass routes and catching the ball. I feel I am running my routes over the defensive back better this year."

What do you consider your best traits as a player?

"I never give up on the ball. I can go up and catch it at its highest point or lay out and catch the ball that is low or away from me."

What would you like to improve on before you head off to college?

"I want to improve on running my routes better as that is very important for a wide receiver. Also, I want to improve my explosiveness off the line, make my first three steps quicker. I need to drive the defensive back out or as they say, step on his toes."

On your recruitment, what schools have been in contact with you the most?

"I'd say the following schools have been in contact with me equally. Georgia, Vanderbilt, and Tennessee are the ones I hear the most from right now or have been recruiting me the longest."

Have there been some new school recruiting you hard now?

"Yes sir, there have been a few schools starting to recruit me very hard. Georgia Tech, Louisiana State, and South Carolina have all been turning up their recruitment of me."

Is there a particular style of offense you prefer or fit in best?

"I feel that I can fit in any type of offense whether it is the triple option spread type offense that Georgia Tech runs or a pro style passing or spread offense that other teams run."

Do you have a leader at this point?

"No sir, I don't. But one school sort of sticks out the most because they have been recruiting me the most and longest and that is Georgia. But I am wide open in my recruitment, no one team is ahead of the other right now."

Do you have a time frame as to when you want to make your decision?

"No sir not really, I can't say that I do. I want to take my time and get more exposure. I will do a lot of praying to help guide me to where I need to be in college."

What factors will play into your decision on a college?

"The academic program that they have is very important. Also, the head coach is important, how they carry themselves is important. I want some one that is a great leader and has great leadership skills. The football program itself is important as will my position coach and strength and weight coaches. Also, the style of offense I will play in will have some impact on my decision. Finally, location is important."

Dale's Take:Chris was an excellent interview. He showed how he and his current teammates are taking a leadership role in building North Paulding. That will translate into a valuable trait once he gets to college. Chris also knows that there is a long ways to go in his recruitment and he is taking it once step at a time much like his high school program is doing. Look for more news from Chris as his recruiting process builds.

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