Thomas Niles Names 3 Early Favorites

Junior defensive tackle Thomas Niles has three early leaders as he begins his recruiting process. Niles talks about those schools, describes himself as a player, and talks about the season thus far for the highly ranked Gainesville, GA team.

Thomas Niles - Profile

What are your measurables?

"I am 6' 2" and weigh 260 pounds and run a low 4.9 forty."

How has Gainesville's season been thus far?

"Right now, we are 6-0 and looking strong. We have East Hall up next and they are 0-6. Still, we can't look past them."

What would you describe as your best traits as a football player?

"I get penetration on the line of scrimmage. I can get into the backfield and plug up holes. We play a 3-4 defense, so my play allows the linebackers to roam free and make the plays. I love playing in the 3-4. Plus, my strength is good. I am the third strongest player on my team."

What do you want to improve on before college?

"I need to work on my speed, and I want to get my grades up higher than they are now."

Have you been to any games this season?

"Yes sir, I have been to two games this season. Both of them were to Georgia Tech. I went to see them play Clemson and then saw them play North Carolina."

What did you think of the trips to Atlanta?

"It was much different that I expected. I actually had a great time there and really enjoyed the experience. Metro Atlanta is much different than Gainesville, but I liked it lot. It was a good experience and helps Georgia Tech in my eyes."

Will you be making any other trips to take in games?

"This weekend I plan on going to Tennessee to watch them play, and I know I will be going to the Georgia Tech game against Georgia at the end of the year."

Which team is recruiting you the hardest right now?

"Georgia Tech is working me really hard. I hear from then more than any other school."

What other schools are you hearing from?

"I am getting mail and calls from Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, Citadel and Stanford."

Do you have any schools that are an early favorite for you?

"Right now I would say that Georgia Tech, Georgia, and Tennessee are my favorites. I like all three a lot."

What are the major factors you will be looking for in a college?

"I would have to say relationship with the coaches and the current players. Also, I'd like to have a strong class come in with me too. Plus I'd like to know I can earn some playing time as soon as possible too."

Dale's Take:

Thomas is a straight forward type of person. He didn't hesitate with an answer and he was very sure of his answers. He knows what he has to work on before college and will go the extra mile to make sure he meets his goals. Top Stories