GT the Early Favorite for Kadetrix Marcus

Hillgrove safety Kadetrix Marcus is a junior to look out for in Georgia. His recruiting is just beginning to pick up as he is hearing from a number of schools. He plays on defense only, as a safety, and leads Hillgrove (5-0) in tackles this year.

Kadetrix Marcus - Profile

Marcus is already hearing from Syracuse, UCLA, South Carolina, Georgia, Georgia Tech, and Virginia. So who is recruiting him the hardest?

"I would have to say South Carolina, UCLA, Syracuse and Georgia Tech are recruiting me the hardest. They're all about the same."

All the schools recruiting Kadetrix are waiting on seeing his film from this season before they send him a scholarship offer. So even without offers, he still has a list of favorites.

"Right now, I like Georgia Tech, UCLA, South Carolina, and Georgia. In order, the first would Georgia Tech, then South Carolina, UCLA, and Georgia."

He made his first ever visit a couple Saturdays to Georgia Tech for their game with North Carolina.

"It was pretty good. I like the coaches and the atmosphere there. I also knew a couple other recruits that were there visiting. They were Synjyn Days and Jabari Hunt-Days, Avery Walls, and Martay Mattox."

Kadetrix also mentioned that he could be back in Atlanta for another visit when asked if he was planning any future visits.

"I'll probably go back to Georgia Tech, and hopefully South Carolina and Georgia invite me to a game so I can go there."

With recruiting now heating up, what will Kadetrix be looking for in a school when he makes a decision?

"Good academics are first. Also a good coaching staff, good players and how they carry themselves, good tradition, and playing time, but that will pretty much be up to me and how I do. The area (location) will also be important. I want to major in business management."

It has been said that brothers Synjyn Days (a GT commit) and Jabari Days want to play their college ball together. They are teammates of Marcus at Hillgrove and Marcus said they are all friends as he's known them for about four years now. Should Jabari wind up at Georgia Tech as well, what will that mean for the Yellow Jackets' recruitment of Kadetrix?

"It makes them look more attractive, for sure."

Marcus continues to make an impact on the field as he builds up film for coaches to evaluate. He is leading a defense that has their team an undefeated record so far. This Friday, Hillgrove plays Osborne, another chance for Marcus to go out and show that he is a Division 1 prospect. Sooner or later, the offers are sure to be coming in. Top Stories