Interview with FSU QB Christian Ponder

Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder met with the press at the ACC Kickoff. Christian talked about a variety of subjects including getting Florida State back to where they were in the nineties, is Coach Bobby Bowden too old to be coaching, and the perception of Florida State following the cheating scandal.

Christian Ponder - Profile

How will the offense look this year?

"We have a good amount of players returning and we have some young players. Miami is the first game so it's still too early to tell what's going to go on."

As the quarterback would you prefer to be in a low scoring game or a high scoring game?

"It doesn't really matter. Both are kind of weird situations. If you're not scoring, it's frustrating and if you have to score a lot it puts a lot of pressure on you. It's a little different."

How much pressure do you feel to get Florida State back to winning championships?

"There's a little pressure. People are always talking about getting back to where we were in the nineties. As a football team, we're not too worried about that. We're a totally different football team. We have a lot of potential. Our goal every year is to win the ACC championship and get to the national championship. We put pressure on ourselves to reach those and we have high expectations for ourselves and if we don't, we're disappointed."

What do you say to people that say Coach (Bobby) Bowden is too old to be coaching?

"He's still very involved. A lot of people think he doesn't do very much but he does. He's into the game and is always talking to the coaches about plays we can run and making suggestions. He's still a great coach. It's a unique situation for me because my father played for him. I grew up admiring him. I'm very excited to have this opportunity to play for him."

Has it been tough to listen all the time about the Coach Bowden wins that could be vacated?

"Honestly, as a team we could really care less. We know Coach Bowden could care less about those wins. He's not all about football. Those fourteen wins we know we won those games. All that stuff is going on will be handled by the administration. It's not us that are handling it. It's our job to go out and win football games. That's all we're worried about."

How do you deal with the cheating stigma that is associated with Florida State?

"If we start winning a few ball games, I think that is going to change the whole perception of the program. We've done some things in the off-season with community service stuff. We're trying to change the image. There is a little image problem out there and the perception of Florida State is honestly not that good. We know some guys made some bad mistakes. You can't change that." Top Stories