Interview With TE Greg Boone

Heading into the 2009 season Virginia Tech is counting on Greg Boone to be one of the leaders of the team. Greg talks about his quarterback, the importance of being prepared for each game and talks about Georgia Tech being a pivotal game in their season.

Greg Boone - Profile

You're tight with Tyrod Taylor. What is he like?

"Yeah, I'm tight with Tyrod. He's a shy type of guy. Just being the quarterback of any team you don't want to be in the limelight and you don't want to appear to be cocky. You just want to play your role."

Is Virginia Tech responsible for giving the league more credibility?

"I would say yes just for the simple fact that we were able to win the Orange Bowl last year. That right there took a lot of pressure off of the conference."

Do you have any games that you're pointing for this season?

"We just have to take them one at a time. If you look above your opponent for the next week, that means you're not focused for that week. We just try to get prepared for the current opponent."

In the past, you were used in a few different positions. Will that continue this season?

"Yeah that will continue. It's something I like. It gives the defense something more to adjust to and more to think about."

You appear to have a tougher road schedule this year. How does that compare to last season?

"That just gives us a chance to focus more on the little things and to come prepared. With our fan base, we'll have a decent amount of fans to help cheer us on."

What are your impressions of Miami based on how they played against you last season?

"When you think of Miami, you think of the history that they've had. Nobody goes into Miami expecting to win. You have to make sure you play your game and do well. Miami is Miami no matter how you look at them as the old or the new Miami. Just the fact that they're the University of Miami when you go to play them, you're thinking of past teams."

You have a lot of players back and you're coming off a win in the Orange Bowl. How does that change your expectations for the season?

"The fact that you're able to go to a BCS game one year shouldn't be your goal for your career. You have to improve each year at each position. Being there at the BCS Orange Bowl makes you want to do more."

Was there anything said after the bowl to remember that moment?

"I think that we did it as a young team and we had a lot of freshmen on the team that going through the season wasn't sure what they had to do. We lost some games that we shouldn't have but our coach told us that we controlled our own destiny. The fact that we made it to the ACC championship game and won it showed we had a lot of heart."

Is the team capable of getting to the point where they'll be talked about for the national championship?

"This team is very capable of getting to that point. We are taking it upon ourselves to make sure we're comfortable in getting to that point. You have to practice harder, you have to work harder, you have to take care of your class work, and you have to do all the little things to make a championship team. A championship team is not going to just happen because you have talent. A team that works harder always beats talent. You can only go so far with just talent."

Can you take anything from the teams' opening loss to LSU to help you when you open against Alabama?

"You can learn from that. We were comfortable where we were two years ago. I don't think in the game of football you can ever be comfortable. We went down there expecting to win but they came out more focused and ready to play. As a competitive person you can never allow yourself to get comfortable. We have to make sure we come out and not feel comfortable."

Do you think the Georgia Tech game will be a pivotal game in the outcome of the Coastal Division this season?

"That will be a big time game just because both teams are on the same side of the division. That is a must win game for each team." Top Stories