Quan Bray Gets Offer From Yellow Jackets

Callaway High School athlete Quan Bray has a large list of schools that are looking at him. On Tuesday he received a new offer. Quan talks about the schools that are looking at him, the new offers, and visits he's planning on taking.

Quan Bray - Profile

What are your measurables?

"I am 5' 11" and weigh 180 pounds. I have been timed in the forty at 4.35."

How is Callaway doing this year?

"We are 5-2 and will have an off week this week. Our team looks strong right now and we are pursuing that prize of a state title."

How are your stats so far this year?

"I really don't know right off the top of my head, but the coaches will go over the stats with the players tomorrow. As long as we are winning the stats will come and are something that I look as secondary to the team winning."

As a player, what do you feel is your best trait or attribute?

"I can make plays. I have the desire to win and make the plays to helps us win."

What do you want to improve on before college?

"I want to get faster. I want to be able to kick it in and pull away from any defender."

Are you playing primarily running back?

"No sir, right now I am playing quarterback and I might be able to project as a quarterback or running back in college. I'll play where they need me the most."

On to your college recruiting, how is that shaping up?

"Just today, I received a written offer from Georgia Tech. That brings my offers up to a good many. I don't know exactly how many but I have a few."

Were you excited in getting that offer from Georgia Tech?

"Yes sir, I was very excited to receive it. That is a team I would love to get to know more about. I am very glad to have that offer from them. It is early in my recruiting as I am a junior but it is starting to heat up for me."

Do you plan on making any trips to Atlanta to watch games this season?

"Yes sir, I sure do. The coaches said that I am invited to all the home games and I am going to do my very best to get up there this weekend to watch them play Virginia Tech. I plan on making more trips too if everything works out for me to be able to do so."

What other schools are recruiting you?

"Right now with Georgia Tech sending me an offer, the other schools I am hearing from are Alabama, Georgia, Louisville, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Wake Forest, Duke, Auburn, Kansas, Kansas State, Oregon, Stanford, and a few others I can't recall right now."

It seems like every ACC and SEC school plus some national schools are showing you interest?

"Yes sir, I get a lot of mail, text messages, and calls from all over the country. My recruiting will be real busy it seems."

Is there any set of teams or one team that is a leader for you?

"No sir, I can't say that there is. It is way too early for me to even think about saying one school is ahead of the others. I need to get to know more about all the schools, make some visits, and talk things over with coaches, players, and my family first."

When it gets time to decide on a school, what are some of the factors you will use in making that decision?

"I would say that a comfort zone is the most important thing. I want to feel real comfortable while I am at the school. I would have to say a good relationship with the coaches is important. I want a stable staff; one that I know will be together while I am at college. Also, getting along with current players and incoming recruits will play a factor too."

Is location something that will play an important part?

"No sir, not at all. As long as I am comfortable at that school and really like it there, I don't care where the school is located."

How about a time frame for a decision, do you want to decide before your senior year starts or will you wait?

"Right now, I am thinking that I will be waiting until after my senior year is done before I make my decision. It is a long ways off so time will tell on that."

Dale's Take:

Quan was very quiet when we first started talking, but as the conversation went along we started to have a few laughs and he felt more at ease. My first impression of Quan is that he does put the team first (he didn't know his year stats to date and didn't seem too worried about it) and that his team winning is more important than personal glory.

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