Alan Posey Taking Visits caught up with 6'6" 300 lb offensive line prospect Alan Posey and talked about recruiting and football. Alan plays for Clarke Central High School and many schools are already taking a look at him.

Alan Posey - Profile

Alan, who are all the schools recruiting you right now?

"Right now I'm hearing from Auburn, Georgia, Penn State, Georgia Tech, Duke, East Carolina, North Carolina State, Maryland and Colorado."

Which schools would you say are recruiting you the hardest?

"Probably Auburn, Georgia Tech, it's probably those two I get the most mail from. I talk to Auburn a lot."

Has anybody offered you yet?

"No sir, not yet."

Do you think anyone is close to offering?

"Probably Auburn. I did pretty good at their camp. They are pretty much saying they're recruiting a lot of o-linemen. They just need to see some good film."

Have you made any visits so far this season?

"I went to Auburn for their game with West Virginia, to Georgia Tech for the UNC game, and to Georgia for the LSU game."

Can you comment on each of those visits?

Auburn - "It was pretty good. They have a good setup, our seats were good, too. I liked it a lot. I met with all the coaches before the game, Coach Chizik and Coach Malzahn."

Georgia Tech - "I went up there two or three weeks ago with Martay Mattox. I think I'm a little too big for their offense. I liked it a lot, but I think I might be a little big for them."

Georgia - "I've been to a bunch of Georgia games. It wasn't anything new. It was pretty cool. They have a good gameday atmosphere at UGA."

Do you have any future plans to make more visits?

"I'm going to try to get to a Penn State game and maybe a couple more Auburn games. I might go to Georgia Tech-UGA."

So with the recruiting attention heating up, what will you be looking for in a school when trying to make a decision?

"Really the coaches, if they have a good head coach, the team's history, the facilities, location for sure. I want to get out of Athens, but not too far away. The campus and atmosphere are important, too."

Do you know when you might want to be done with your recruiting?

"I don't know, but I do want to try to get it done early. I'll probably decide sometime in the spring."

How is Clarke Central doing this season?

"We're 5-2. We have a BYE this week, but we play our rival Cedar Shoals next week. We're doing pretty good." Top Stories